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Martin Badowski was a member of the International Archaelogical Survey, a group of scientists looking for evidence of ancient advanced races on Earth during the events of Crysis and Crysis Warhead.

He was among the scientists at the Lingshan Islands that discovered the existence of the Ceph. After the research team was captured by the KPA, he and another scientist attempt to escape through the jungle. While fleeing, a Ceph Scout kills him and the other scientist is recaptured by the KPA.


  • There is a sign on the mining buildings in Awakening that lists Badowski as one of the owners of the mining corporation.
  • Badowski is named after Martin Badowski, one of the developers of Crysis.
  • In Eye of the Storm in Crysis 2, there is a memorial near the lighthouse with Badowsky's name that reads "Mr. Badowsky departed during a guerrilla assault".
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