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Masks Off
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Masks Off
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"Masks Off" is the seventeenth mission of Crysis 2.


Alcatraz is strapped to a table, where Jacob Hargreave, over a television link, informs his staff to cut him out of the nanosuit. Alcatraz has another Prophet flashback, where he sees that Prophet was sent to Lingshan Islands by Hargreave himself, and that Hargreave knew of the Ceph on the island and that they would presumably kill his squad, which led an enraged Prophet to stop working for him. The suit suddenly takes over and prevents the staff from cutting Alcatraz out.

Hargreave tells the staff to kill him, but Tara Strickland shoots them instead, and reveals herself to be a CIA mole. She explains that no one has ever seen Hargreave in person and that he has valuable information on fighting the Ceph, prompting Alcatraz to fight his way to Hargreave's ornate office. There, Hargreave, still communicating over a television, reveals that he has been alive for over a hundred years, having prolonged his life with technology from the Tunguska event, whereupon he decided to devote his life to destroying the Ceph.

Alcatraz finds his true withered body in a stasis pod, with the Hargreave on the monitor as a computer simulation that speaks for him. Hargreave tells Alcatraz to inject himself with the Tunguska Iteration, which will enhance the nanosuit's anti-alien capabilities and reveals the last of the Prophet flashbacks. The Ceph arrive at the Prism and Hargreave activates a self-destruct sequence as well as ordering surviving C.E.L.L. soldiers to assist Alcatraz in his escape. While crossing the Queensboro bridge, the Prism self-destructs, destroying the bridge and sending Alcatraz plummeting into the river.


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  • Three Ceph Scout heads and a MOAC used by Suit-less Ceph in Crysis are seen in Hargreaves office.
  • First prototype of nanosuit and marine/C.E.L.L. versions of nanosuits used in multiplayer are seen in Hargreaves office.
  • A prototype-stage MIKE can be found in Hargreave's office located inside a case, to the left of Hargreave's stasis pod. This particular MIKE looks different from the others, lacking the Crynet C.E.L.L. Camo. The prototype MIKE also cannot normally be reloaded.
  • When the player has to escape from the C.E.L.L. compound, the C.E.L.L. soldiers are still shown as hostiles when scanned, despite them only focusing their attention towards the Ceph. This was likely a development error.
  • This is the second level when the human antagonistic faction ignore the player and fight the Ceph instead in the Crysis series, the first being All The Fury in Crysis Warhead.