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Maximum Nanosuit is a support bonus in Crysis 2 Multiplayer which requires 7 dog tags in order to activate. However in Crysis 3 multiplayer, you need at most 10 for it to be activated.


When activated, the player instantly goes into a sort of Enhanced Armor Mode, making their suit capable of absorbing a great deal of damage. While normal Armor Mode deflects 35% of damage, Maximum Nanosuit blocks approximately 60% or more. In the past, the number was 80%, but the ability was suppressed.

Players' weapons are not affected, and will deal no additional damage while using a maximum nanosuit. Use your magazine's limited size effectively, or you may run out of ammo in sight of another player, who may proceed to beat you down.

Another feature of the Maximum Nanosuit is that its energy level will be locked at 100%, making energy effectively infinite for the duration of the ability. Players cannot cloak while using a max suit, and they will also move more slowly as if in armor mode. When the voice alarm sounds that a Maximum Nanosuit has been activated, keep on the look out for it. The Maximum Nanosuit can be identified by an enemy in a blinking armor mode.

The Maximum Nanosuit, like other dogtag abilities, lasts for a limited time. When activated, the Crysis 2 Maximum Nanosuit theme will begin to play. When the theme ends, the energy in the suit will disperse and you will once again be operating a regular Nanosuit 2.0. The total operating time is less than a minute, and it is still very easy to die in the mode.