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Mesa is a multiplayer map featured in Crysis.

In-game description[]

In a daring move, North Korean Special Forces have infiltrated a McTiller Martins Prototype Facility in an attempt to retrieve Alien technology. A nearby US Base has scrambled a nano-equipped team to engage and expel the forces from the area. Multiple automated factories are also located in the area and may be captured and used to supplement forces if needed.


Mesa is a multiplayer map situated in a desert. Unlike several multiplayer maps, the environment has less vegetation or natural cover spots. The map has high cliffs that can only be accessed via a VTOL or a WZ-19 Attack Helicopter.

Playing styles[]

Being a big map, Mesa can hold up to 32 soldiers, so playing styles will vary. Being a sniper is an often choice between players.


The map features these facilities:

  • 2 air factories (At bases only)
  • 2 light vehicle factories (At bases as well)
  • 2 heavy vehicle factories (One at C7 and the other at E4)
  • 1 prototype factory (E4)
  • 5 bunkers (C7, E4, D5 and bunkers at bases)