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Messages are recordings of events before and during Crysis 3, aside from the Recordings. They are all located under the "Messages" tab in the correspondence database in Crysis 3. They consist of all datapads, the special D.R.P Mail, nanosuit logs, and the special Unknown message. Messages are a subset of all Correspondences in the game.


+++ Silverback to SSU. Deep cover over-cloak deactivated. Comms back online +++

+++ Strategic Support Unit to Silverback, we read you Commander Lockhart. How was the mission? +++

+++ Successful. Patching to you via the suit HUD now... +++

+++ Understood...Receiving. Commander, you've missed a hell of a lot under deep cloak. I need to brief you on world events, CELL, the future of the Blackhart Initiative... +++

+++ Let it wait Harris. Check the data. I've found him. I've found Nomad... +++

The Alpha Ceph Diaries[]

 The Alpha Ceph Diaries - Part 1[]

Sgt. Laurence "Prophet" Barnes

21st November 2023

The repurposed spore weapon proved 100% effective against the Ceph in New York, but the fight isn't over. The aliens rose up in multiple locations across the planet. Although the spore drove them back and drastically reduced their numbers at every incursion site, the survivors quickly developed a resistance to its effects and have now disappeared underground, presumably to rebuild their forces. Many believe they are beaten, but I know better.
The aliens will keep coming back and coming back, stronger each time.
There is only one way to defeat them once and for all.
The Ceph are a hive species. They share a single, vast intelligence.
At the heart of that intelligence, ruling them all, is a single, unique creature.
The Alpha Ceph.
I glimpsed it as it rose to dominance back on Lingshan, back in the ice sphere.
Through the suit, in that moment, we developed...a connection.
I hear it in my head, even now.
Its' voice is almost overpowering.
I took drastic measures to stop it gaining control of me in New York. It is powerful. It is the mind and soul of every Ceph creature on the planet. While it lives, they live.
While it lives, they will never stop.
To end this, I must find the Alpha Ceph and I must kill it.
Nothing else matters.

The Alpha Ceph Diaries - Part 2[]

Sgt. Laurence "Prophet" Barnes

2nd August 2024

As with Auckland, Wuhan, and Lingshan, the Tokyo incursion site presented low-level Ceph resistance, but no sign of the Alpha.
Is this going to be the same story as America? After New York, I travelled from incursion zone to incursion zone, searching for the creature, but never finding a trace of it.
I've assembled a team of nanosuit troops to assist in my mission. They're good men - Americans and Koreans - but analysis of their behavioral markers now suggests they are losing faith in me.
Why? Because they do not believe in the Alpha Ceph.
I cannot blame them for this. We have crossed half a world and found no evidence at all of its existence.
Only the voice in my head.
I've assimilated further nanosuit upgrades in an attempt to tune into the creature and successfully close the gap between us. This is creating further tension. Then men are scared I'm going too far, sacrificing what remains of myself for machinery upgrades and insidious Ceph tech.
In every way, I am losing their trust.
It doesn't matter. It is necessary. Victory costs.
Locating the Alpha is my only priority.
I will go on alone if I must.

The Alpha Ceph Diaries - Part 3[]

Sgt. Laurence "Prophet" Barnes

3rd January 2025

My search continues through the Russian winter. The team is reduced to two.
Myself, and an old Raptor Team member, Psycho. Psycho's trust in me has outlasted all the others, though in recent months he has become deeply outspoken and difficult. That is, more outspoken and difficult than usual.
Psycho is concerned by the growing political dominance of the CELL Corporation. They now have exclusive worldwide access to all Ceph incursion sites and are gathering Ceph artifacts for their own financial gain. Like everyone else, Psycho is coming to believe that the threat from the Ceph is over. Psycho believes that CELL is now the greatest danger to our world.
I told him he was wrong, that human politics do not concern me, that I am only interested in finding and destroying the Alpha Ceph.
My words were badly chosen.
"Human politics?" was his only response, but the suit registered red-level stress markers in his speech patterns, flagging up high doubt and mistrust probabilities. If I cannot prove the Alpha Ceph's existence soon, there is an 87.3% probability he will abandon the mission too. I have no authority to stop him.
Our target tonight is the old St. Petersburg incursion zone.
As with many recent operations, we must first deal with a well-established CELL presence at the site before accessing the Ceph structures below ground. CELL are increasingly mobilizing against our activities. Psycho wonders if they are just protecting their assets, or if they are becoming as interested in us as they are in the Ceph. He believes this could be very bad news. He complains that I underestimate CELL.
It doesn't matter. None of that matters.
I will find the Alpha Ceph.
He has to be somewhere...

Nanosuit Research[]

CELL ASPECT DATA #1121: Nano Reconfiguration[]

Dr. Hurst

One of the most tantalizing aspects of the nanosuit material Karl Rasch created, (and one that we would like to learn to replicate) is its latent ability to reconfigure into any form imaginable.
Consider that for a moment. Any form imaginable.
There is no reason why a nanosuit should not be able to transform into anything.
One of my greatest frustrations is that we have been unable to trigger such a transformation in the material, or even to successfully identify a possible catalyst.
Our work continues, however.
I will solve this mystery for CELL.

Dr. Hurst

Archangel Report[]

Abort NY Strike[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the Board,

My team have completed a number of detailed simulations to calculate the ffects of Archangel firing on New York. I must report that in one of these simulations the Archangel beam reacts catastrophically with the ambient energy inside the dome, and also with the Alpha Ceph itself (which, we must remember, is an incredibly powerful living reactor). The resulting detonation is of a magnitude great enough to destroy a section of the Earth's crust, and destabilize the entire planet as a result.
Archangel's strike on New York must be aborted immediately.

Dr. Keane

Proceed with NY Strike[]

Dr. Hurst

Fellow Board Members,

What the imaginative Dr. Keane doesn't mention is that the simulation he quotes was one of tens of thousands run by Liberty Dome systems to assess the outcome of the Archangel strike. Only this single simulation produced the outcome Keane mentions, with all others reporting nothing but a complete sterilization of the area as anticipated.
The single simulation is a rogue result, and nothing to concern ourselves with.
The Archangel strike will continue as planned.

Dr. Hurst

Urgent request[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the Board,

I must report that we have repeated our simulations to ascertain the effects of Archangel's imminent strike on New York. Based on revised data, there appears to be a significant risk of a blast causing a chain reaction and irreparable damage to the planet as previously reported. I now urgently request Archangel's fire authorization be revoked at once.

Dr. J Keane

Archangel firing as planned[]

P. Danielweski

Dr. Keane,

We note your concern, and also the repitition of previously supplied information.
Dr. hurst's team assures us that there is no cause for alarm.
Archangel will fire on New York as planned.

Mr. P Danielweski
Secretary, CELL Board of Directors

Ceph Research Reports[]

Ceph species overview[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the CELL board,
Please find below the first part of my research extract on the Ceph species and colonization cycle. My team and I are very confident that the data presented is accurate, as remarkable as it may seem.
Dr. J Keane.

The Ceph - an Overview
The Ceph are an incredibly ancient alien race, now known to have developed an extremely successful method of interplanetary colonization which has seen them spread not only throughout their home galaxy, but to make significant incursions into neighboring galaxies too - including our own.

Hive mind and Intelligence
Though they share many physical similarities with the Cephalopodic species of Earth, the Ceph are actually a hive species like ants, and share a single collective intelligence, rather than an individual, human intelligence like our own. The Ceph do not think like us. Their intelligence is vast, but they are so utterly different in terms of how that intelligence functions and how it manifests itself, that the Ceph genius can be difficult for a human being to even comprehend. Though it may seem counter-intuitive to us, the Ceph have become so very successful by being a reactive species. While human civilization is built upon knowledge being steadily passed on from generation to generation, each new Ceph hive begins with relatively little inherited knowledge from its parent hive, but instead has a deadly ability to adapt and react - and react fast. It is this ability that makes the Ceph able to succeed and thrive in a billion unimaginably different environments - from earth-like planets, to high gravity gas giants and ice spheres, or the unimaginably hot, the unimaginably toxic and the unimaginably strange regions of dark matter and warped space-time, where our rigid human thinking would at best be useless, and at worst send us mad in seconds. The human brain may have evolved to dominate one specific planet, but the Ceph hivemind is engineered to dominate an entire universe.

Ceph Over-Hives and Seeding Ships[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the CELL board,

Find below the second part of my research extract on the Ceph species.

Dr. J Keane

The Over-Hives of M33
Much of the southern spiral arm of the M33 Galaxy is now known to be part of a vast, billion-year-old Ceph web of countless planets, ships and colonies that make up a single, gigantic hivemind. This impossibly huge Ceph hive has been given the name Over-Hive Hyperion, by CELL researchers. Two much smaller (though still immense) over-hives also exist in M33 - Over-Hive Iapetus to the west of the galactic core, and Over-Hive Coeus in the eastern fringes. Around a million additional hives covering three or more star systems are also known to exist in M33. Little is known about the ancient Ceph of the gigantic M33 over-hives, our researchers don't even have any clear idea of how they may look. But from what little we have been able to uncover, we are sure that they are almost unimaginably more advanced than the Ceph currently encountered on Earth. As my colleague, Dr. Glossop, recorded in his initial data assessment: "We don't know what's out there in M33, but one thing's for sure - compared to them, the Ceph we have now are cavemen with stone clubs. And us? We barely rank as moss."

The Seeding Ships
Once a Ceph hive grows beyond a certain size, it starts to produce seeding ships. These vessels contain everything needed to produce a new Ceph hive from scratch. As far as we are aware, seeding ships are produced in great numbers and are launched into space randomly. We know that the seeding ship that hit Earth came from Over-Hive Hyperion in M33.

Ceph Colonization - Stage One[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the CELL board,

Find below the third part of my research extract on the Ceph species.

Dr. J Keane

Ceph Colonization - Stage One
Each seeding ship contains a small proto-hive of between 50 and 150 Stage One Ceph and a great deal of adaptive technology.
Upon finding a suitable location to begin a new hive, these early Ceph begin to engage in massive energy absorption (with ice generation as a typical by-product), environment analysis and early asset construction activities. Collected energy is used to birth a new generation of terra-forming Ceph, specifically adapted to the local environment.
It is believed that the proto-hivemind of these Stage One Ceph is controlled artificially and is dependent on the acquisition of energy to keep it stable. For this reason, any Ceph incursion should be eradicated in Stage One, whilst the invaders are not yet entirely self-sufficient.

Ceph Stage One on Earth
It is estimated that a Ceph seeding ship that hit Earth arrived around 65 million years ago. It is possible that the ship and its occupants were rendered inactive by the same asteroid impact that caused a planet wide mass extinction event during that period. This would explain the isolated pockets of Ceph activity throughout history, butlack of wholesale progression from Stage One to Stage Two until the seeding ship itself was uncovered on Lingshan Island in 2020. A second seed ship, showing considerable collision damage, has been in loose solar orbit for a similar amount of time. It was first sighted in 2023 when the earthbound Ceph were observed attempting to contact it. The ship did not respond and further observation suggests this ship to be a derelict hulk and devoid of life. Further details on the second ship are unavailable at this time.

Ceph Colonization - Stage Two[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the CELL board,

Please find below the fourth part of my research on the Ceph species and colonization cycle. My team and I are very confident that the data presented is accurate, as remarkable as it may seem.

Dr. J Keane
Head of Xenostudy

Ceph Colonization - Stage Two
The huge amounts of energy collected by the First Stage Ceph is used to birth a second generation of Ceph creatures, which are able to function as a single, self-sufficient hive mind in their own right, and no longer need to steal energy to function. The Stage Two Ceph are highly adaptive/reactive creatures. They will instinctively configure and reconfigure activities, equipment, and even their genetic makeup to better suit local environment.

On Earth, this reflective adaptation most clearly presented itself in a shift from the relatively low numbers of high-powered, resource-heavy units first encountered on Lingshan, to a much more numerous, tactically flexible force composed of less powerful individuals which spearheaded the 2023 incursions. As a consequence, the Ceph eliminated the many advantages of our numerical superiority, which were a key factor in our early victories over the aliens.

The purpose of the Second Stage Ceph is to conquer and terraform, eventually turning the planet into a Ceph hiveworld, which one day will be able to produce seed ships of its own.

The Alpha Ceph
As part of the second stage, a unique Ceph creature rises to dominance. This creature has been named the 'Premor-Xenus' or 'Alpha Ceph' by CELL researchers and given the codename 'System X' for use in the wider world. The creature is remarkable in that it acts both the central nexus and focusing point for the Ceph hive mind, but also naturally generates near-unlimited amounts of energy through an internal reaction that researchers have been, so far, unable to replicate. This energy flows cleanly between all the Ceph that make up the hive, and powers all the second stage Ceph's equipment and exosuits.

Ceph Stage Two On Earth[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the CELL board,

Please find below the fifth part of my research extract on the Ceph species and their colonization cycle.

Dr. J Keane
Head of Xenostudy

Ceph Stage Two on Earth
2020-2023 No One knew it at the time, but the nuclear strike on Lingshan was the worst move humanity could've possibly made.
The First Stage Ceph had created a huge Ice sphere over a portion of the island. Military tacticians believed this to be a defensive structure and, while this was true, this was only part of the sphere's true purpose - the construct also functioned as an energy collecting matrix (hence the ice produced by the absorption of heat from the atmosphere).
Striking the sphere with a nuclear warhead actually supplied all the power the energy-hungry First Stage Ceph could ever need. That power was enough for them to birth the Alpha Ceph under Lingshan. The long-delayed arrival of the Second Stage at last began...

2023-2040 After their defeat in New York and around the world, the Ceph withdrew. In hidden bases and birthing factories under every continent, the surviving Stage Two Ceph began to adapt yet again to better copy, outmaneuver, and defeat the tactics of their human enemies. A new Second Stage of Ceph creatures - this one even better suited and prepared for war on Earth - was only a few years away from being ready to take up the fight, when an unexpected disaster befell the Ceph hive.
Having recently given birth to a new generation of its alien army, the weakened Alpha Ceph was identified and captured by CELL forces under New York.

Ceph Colonization Stage Three[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the CELL board,

Please find below the sixth and final part of my research extract on the Ceph species and their colonization cycle. My apologies if their final part proves to be disturbing reading.

Dr. J Keane
Head of Xenostudy

Ceph Colonization - Stage Three
If the Stage Two Ceph are unable to terraform due to persistent local resistance, Stage Three is initiated. Stage Three involves the deployment of infinitely more advanced Warrior Ceph directly from the parent Over-Hive in the M33 galaxy.

As recorded previously, little is known about these aliens, but - beyond some degree of shared genetic ancestry with Earth-based Ceph - they are likely to be utterly different than anything we have encountered before.

The Stage Two Ceph have been active on Earth for less than 40 years, and are already a well-adapted highly capable combat force. The Warrior Ceph of M33, by contrast, have half a billion years of combat evolution behind them.

These Ceph are, in all probability, the closest thing to gods we should ever be unlucky enough to encounter. Within hours (if not minutes, or even seconds), even the most advanced enemy will be utterly crushed by the Stage Three Ceph, and the contested planet transformed into yet another hiveworld, another step on the Ceph path to total universal domination.

Stage Three can be initiated through several means, but the Ceph's preferred method is the generation of a space/time wormhole, which allows a fully armed Warrior Ceph battleship to be inserted directly into local orbit. If a Stage Three Ceph Warrior ship should make it through to Earth, then only a miracle could save us...

Stage Three Theory?[]

Dr. Hurst

Fellow members of the Board,

Up to this point, I have read Dr. Keane's somewhat fanciful analysis of the Ceph and their supposed invasion cycle with mild amusement. It seems Dr. Keane is able to extrapolate a great deal from little more than a handful of fragmented images and idas captured by his filtering systems. Having just experienced his most recent imaginative submission detailing a supposed Ceph "Stage Three" however, I really must raise a voice of decent.
The end of the world? This seems a little far-fetched, does it not?
Red Star Rising is prudent, but we must remember that we retain the upper hand here. We know the Ceph.
We have beaten them before.
We have seen everything they can do.
There is no cause for alarm.

Dr. Hurst


Chairman Karl Rasch[]

Ivan G.W. Goodwood


They say there's no fool like an old fool, and Karl Rasch is a very old fool indeed.
The prospect of acquiring new alien technology to tinker with, coupled with his rather naïve belief that his work shall one day "benefit of all humanity" continues to allow our CELL agents manipulate him and much of his decision-making as chairman of Hargreave Rasch Biochemical. I'm proud to report that CELL is now the principle subsidary of HRB, and we continue to grow daily, both in terms of influence and also resource allocation, exceeding even our most optimistic forecasts.

Nevertheless, Chairman Rasch only reluctantly supports our plans to repackage the recent New York fiasco as an international victory for CELL, and outright resists our scheduled rebranding and promotion of the late Dominic Lockhart as "The CELL hero who gave his life to save us all". Our private marketing analysts are insisting that this angle is vital if we are to secure the necessary political and popular support our long-term goals require.

Clearly, Karl Rasch must be taken out of the picture.

Happily, I have been able to add two more CELL loyalists to the Hargreave Rasch board of directors in the last month alone, we are now on the brink of holding a majority here. Once this has been achieved, we can remove the old fool and advance our objectives without interference.

With Rasch gone, we can dispose of the outmoded "Hargreave Rasch" brand and push our unified company forward with a new, strong, and heavily supported corporate identity - CELL.

Gentlemen, the future is ours for the taking.

Ivan G.W. Goodwood
Hargreave Rasch Biochemical

The Hive Intelligence[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the CELL Board,

My response to your request for an overview on positive and negative aspects of the hive intelligence:

Hive intelligence simply cannot be paralleled in providing a unity of purpose - all members of a Ceph hive think and act as one, which makes for a tremendously efficient, low-waste, and highly reactive species. Also, the linking of thousands of minds provides a level of mass processing power which - by even our most conservative estimates - makes our most advanced computing systems seem impossibly primitive. Though it remains difficult for us to comprehend structured alien thought, the overwhelming probability is that the Ceph hive mind is a super-genius. This raises a chilling possibility - though we barely understand the Ceph, they may understand us intimately.

The principle weakness of the Ceph Stage Two hive mind seems to be its complete dependence of the Alpha Ceph in order to function. One can only assume that the advantages outlined above more than compensate for this sizable flaw. Also, the inability of individual drones/hive members to act in any meaningful way without the consent or direction of the hive mind may be considered a secondary weakness from a human point of view. Individual identity, thought, passion, and will are utterly impossible prospects for a hive creature. It can only obey, from the day it is born, until the day it dies.

I note that we have received over two hundred detailed requests for theoretical outlines and supporting laboratory studies concerning these cognitive phenomena. May I ask the Board's eventual aim?

Dr. J Keane
Head of Xenostudy


Capt. LJ Harris

Request denied.
Silverback is currently deployed and cannot be recalled at this time.
Sorry Liberty Dome, you're on your own.

Capt. LJ Harris
Strategic Support Unit
CELL Blackhart Initiative

Obliterated Work[]

Dr. Hurst

How could Karl Rasch have been permitted to destroy a lifetime of research and innovation when we took his company from him? I was assured we had covert systems in place, backing-up and preserving Rasch's work for my own use once he had been removed. And yet, aside from a few personal diary entries, we have nothing. Rasch was aware of every one of our spy protocols and successfully obliterated his entire life's work from every computer system on Earth. Nothing remains but the physical products of his work, chiefly - the nanosuits.

As I have stated many times before, Rasch's greatest achievement was the combination of machine, human, and Ceph DNA in the production of what has come to be known as the post-human nanosuit soldier. Despite many years of experimentation on suit material, I have been unable to reproduce his results.

The holy grail of true Ceph technological integration remains beyond our reach, as does the nanosuit's latent ability to evolve beyond its initial configuration, augmenting itself with further technologies and Ceph bio-technological systems - a process that several of the nanosuits, most notably Prophet, took to dangerous and unpredictable extremes.

Rasch was able to provide a degree of stability to this process with an augmentation he described as the Tunguska Iteration, but the operational limits of this ever-changing cocktail of human, Ceph, and machine remains unknown, as do the ultimate effects of pushing beyond them.

Once the Board has cleared Prophet for full experimentation, it is my deepest hope that we may at last get a glimpse of how Rasch was able to achieve and stabilize this evolving integration of elements, and use this understanding to begin to replicate his work.

Once this technology is in the hands of CELL, we will be unstoppable.

Dr. Hurst

Master List of Subjects 1/5[]

St. Bartholomew's Nano-extraction Facility

Abbot/Alex Wilde>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Abel/Mark Price>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Ahab/Sgt. Lance Moore>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Air Lion/Sgt. Park Junyuk>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Apollo/Ryan Black>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Aztec/Harol Cortez>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Bandit/Stephen Johnson>P:Y>Status:ACTIVE[Escaped subject. Rebel terrorist]**Beetle/Capt. William Black>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Bear/Marcus Hernandez>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Black Dragon/Maj. Ryu Yong-sam>P:N>Status:MIA[Presumed KIA Lingshan incursion(suit missing)]**Blue Dog/Sgt. Phillip Taylor>P:P>Status:KIA[2023 incursion(partial suit recovery)]**Brodie/Paul Scheider>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Bull/Sgt. Buck Boyd>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Bulldog/Robert Bennett>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Caesar/Capt. Paolo De Luca>P:P>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams(partial suit recovery)]**Cassius/John Clayman>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Chaplin/Nathan O'Conner>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Cupcake/Kenny Wilson>P:Y>Status:DOW[CELL strike teams(suit recovered)]**Dane/Lt. Daniel Østergaard>P:Y>Status:ACTIVE[Escaped subject. Rebel terrorist]**Deisel/Sgt. Clint Navarro>P:Y>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams(suit recovered)]**Dervish/Conner Reed>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Diablo/Maj. Luis Santiago>P:N>Status:KIA[2023 incursion(suit lost)]**Dice/Patrick O'Sullivan>P:Y>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams. Escaped subject. Rebel]**Dingo/Sgt. Cobar Williams>P:N>Status:KIA[2023 incursion(suit lost)]**Dodger/Dennis Watson>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]

Master List of Subjects 2/5[]

St. Bartholomew's Nano-extraction Facility

**Dreamer/Dr. Zachary Gregg>P:P>Status:KIA[2023 incursion(partial suit recovery)]**Dylan/Simon Buckfield>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Earth Lion/Heo Joon-ho>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Eazy/Eric Prince>P:Y>Status:DOW[2023 incursion(suit recovered)]**EightBall/Sgt. Morgan Cleaver>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Fire Dragon/Sgt. Hong Kwon-taek>P:Y>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams. Escaped subject. Rebel]**Flashman/Maj. Gen. Sir. Henry De Vere>P:N>Status:KIA[2023 incursion(suit lost)]**Genius/Lt. Gabriel Chavez>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Ghost/LtCol. Paul Francis>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Gold Dragon/Taejwa. Kim Jin-ho>P:N>Status:KIA[2023 incursion(suit lost)]**Gold Lion/Col. Lee Kim-sun>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Gundog/Henry McBride>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Hermes/Lavredes Naxelius>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Hitman/Brad Coleman>P:YStatus:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Hunter/Cdr. Zephar Khan>P:P>Status:KIA[2023 incursion (partial suit recovery)]**Ice Dragon/Yi Wan-suh>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Ironclad/Maj. Philip McQueen>P:YStatus:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Jester/Martin Hawker>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Judge/Sgt. Clarke Miller>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Justice/Andrew James>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Kiddo/Alison Gould>P:N>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams(suit lost)]**King Tiger/Col. Gen. Kyong Ri Chan>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Lizard/Wilson green>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Lotus/Lt. Rebecca Fields>P:N>Status:MIA[Presumed KIA 2023 incursion(suit missing)]**Madman/John Madden>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]

Master List of Subjects 3/5[]

St. Bartholomew's Nano-extraction Facility

**Mantis/Zepher Koqualo>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Merlin/Sgt. Frank Copper>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Misfit/PaulFitton>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Monk/Taylor Brown>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Moon Dragon/Hwa Young-ha>P:P>Status:DOW[Lingshan incursion(partial suit recovery)]**Napalm/Thomas Webster>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Nomad/Lt. Jake Dunn>P:X>Status:XXXX[data removed]**Nova/Hannah Novak>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Omen/Damien Whitehouse>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Paradise/Lt. David Partlett>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Pirate/Jake Temple>P:P>Status:DOW[2023 incursion (partial suit recovery)]**Preacher/Abraham Hollister>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Prophet/Maj. Laurence Barnes>P:N>Status:CAPTIVE[Held in CELL containment]**Psycho/Sgt. Michael Sykes>P:Y>Status:ACTIVE[Escaped subject. Rebel terrorist]**Rabbit/Geoffrey Goldman>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Ranger/Sgt. Kaeso Wayne>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Reaper/Capt. Blake Waterman>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Recoil/Jonah Redwoods>P:P>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams(partial suit recovery)]**Ringo/Victor Starsky>P:N>Status:KIA[2023 incursion (suit lost)]**Robin/Francis Redman>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Rodeo/Sgt. William Whyatt>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Rogue/Sarah Clarke>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Ronin/Capt. Johnny Wu>P:P>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams(partial suit recovery)]**Saint/Brig. Anthony St. John>P:Y>Status:MIA[Presumed KIA. CELL strike teams. Escaped subject. Rebel leader]

Master List of Subjects 4/5[]

St. Bartholomew's Nano-extraction Facility

**Sandman/Ross Harrison>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Sasquatch/Capt. Tobias Twobears>P:N>Status:MIA[Presumed KIA 2023 incursion(suit missing)]**Silverback/[XXXXXXXXXX]>P:E>Status:XXXX[data removed]**Static/Toss Reinhart>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Sky Lion/Min Kyung-ran>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**Snake Eyes/Paul Malenko>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extration]**Snow Dragon/Soon Kyeong-hee>P:Y>Status:DOW[Lingshan incursion(suit recovered)]**Solo/Moshim Chaudhri>P:P>Status:DOW[2023 incursion(partial suit recovery)]**Spider/Warren Roth>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Spike/Peter Larsson>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Squire/Christopher Trotter>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Storm Dragon/Oh Eun-kyeong>P:N>Status:KIA[Lingshan incursion(suit lost)]**T-Bird/Christopher Liotta>P:Y>Status:DPS[Euthanized after suit extraction]**Tokyo/Capt. Lulu Sandakiri>P:Y>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams(suit recovered)]**Troy/Lt. Stephanos Milo>P:Y>Status:ACTIVE[Escaped subject. Rebel terrorist]**Vandal/Jake Turner>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Vega/Vincent Burkowski>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]**Viper/Tobias Von Gratton>P:P>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams (partial suit recovery)]**Voodoo/Lt. Eliza Klien>P:P>Status:KIA[2023 incursion(partial suit recovery)]**Water Lion/Kim Eun-hye>P:NStatus:KIA[2023 incursion(suit lost)]**Zerker/Sgt. Hamish McGreggor>P:Y>Status:KIA[CELL strike teams(suit recovered)]**Zero/Colbern>P:N>Status:KIA[2023 incursion(suit lost)]**Zulu/Carlos Zafon>P:Y>Status:DIS[Fatal trauma during suit extraction surgery]//KEY[P=Processed: Y=Yes N=No P=Partial E=Exempt][DIS=Died in surgery][DPS=Death post-surgery][DOW=Died of wounds][KIA=Killed in action][MIA=Missing in action]

Hivemind Theory[]

Ceph energy/energy communication system[]

Dr. J Keane

Members of the Board,

Our greatest and most unexpected breakthrough in understanding the Ceph came with the discovery that the hive mind and the shared energy web generated by the Alpah Ceph are, in fact, one and the same thing.
The Ceph communicate and even think via an interconnected matrix of power.
Their energy is thought. Their throught is energy.
When we captured the Alpha Ceph and began to drain its power, we drained not only the energy supply but also the very minds out of the other Ceph creatures.
By monitoring the energy flow coming from the captured Alpha, my team and I have been able to listen in on the creature's stolen thoughts and have learned a huge amount about the Ceph themselves.
Despite Dr. Hurst's regrettable outburst, I can assure you that Ceph Stage Three is very real, and we must guard against it at all costs, because it would mean not only the end of all of us, but the end of all life on this planet.

Dr. Keane
Head of Xenostudy

Ceph hivemind reactivating[]

Dr. J Keane

With the escape of the System X creature, readings here show the Ceph hive mind is reactivating. As a result, all dormant Ceph organisms across the planet are beginning to awaken, including all Ceph beneath the Liberty Dome itself!
Do whatever you must and for all our sakes: act quickly!

Dr. Keane
Head of Xenostudy

ID lost?[]

ID lost?[]

St. Bartholomew's Nano-extraction

Crysis ID Claire

Raptor Team[]

Raptor Team: Lingshan After Action Report[]

As you are aware, Raptor Team encountered mjuch heavier resistance than anticipated in the Lingshan deployment, but despite heavy losses we are able to report very positive overall outcomes in this nanosuit trial. Each suit functioned superbly to the point of destruction, though given the origins of the technology itself, extraterrestrial influence remains our primary concern.

On individual Raptor Team units:

Prophet (Major Laurence barnes) functioned exactly as trained in the field, following orders without question and incinerating all KIA team members as required. However, this unit suffered highest contact levels with the Ceph. Possible contamination and recalibration issues arose which will require further investigation. Status: Active

Nomad (Lieutenant Jake Dunn) [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx]*

Psycho (Sergeant Michael Sykes) Despite persistent red flags on the unit's personality chart, Psycho performed well beyond expectation, even successfully operating outside of Raptor Team for an extended period. Recommend revised neurological assessments and further nano-med optimization courses. Status: Active

Jester (Martin Hawker) Functioned well and within expected parameters until unit was lost and dismantled by a Stage One Ceph scout. Status: KIA

Aztec (Harold Cortez) Unit failed on deployment, providing little opportunity for data collection. Status: KIA

*Note: Data on this unit purged from file [04/03/2025]

Nanotech Report[]

Subject: Sergeant Michael Sykes[]

Dr. Claire Fontanelli

The subject continues to suffer constant, horrific pain as the procedure progresses. I am yet again renewing my recommendation for a general anesthetic before I perform further surgeries. These men and women must not continue to endure these operations in a conscious state. In my professional opinion, the data lost in this way would be negligible, and in any case a small enough price to pay.
Michael Sykes continues to deteriorate with each surgery, and death from shock now seems a real possibility. I would have predicted a fatal outcome before this point, but Sykes has real strength of character and tremendous will to survive. I would remind you once again that Sykes is a war hero. I also note that it is Sykes' anger that seems to be focusing his mind and keeping him alive. If by some miracle he survives this barbaric procedure, he will waste no time seeking the revenge he so richly deserves.

Claire Fontanelli[]

Dr. Fontanelli monitoring[]

Dr. D Tugwell

My Dear Dr. Hurst,

As you requested, I have continued to monitor the relationship between Dr. Clair Fontanelli and her patient, Michael Sykes. I believe you are right and that there is some cause for concern. As you know, Dr. Fontanelli comes to us from the Work Away Debt scheme and so has not been subject to the employee profiling typically undertaken at this level. I believe she is forming a strong emotional attachment to the patient, and that her sympathies clearly lie with him rather than her obligations to CELL. I would recommend further close monitoring of the situation and perhaps stronger 'encouragement' where her family debts is concerned, to assure her total cooperation.
Hope this information proves helpful.

Dr. Daniel Tugwell
St. Bartholomew's Nano Extraction Facility

Red Star Rising[]

Red Star Rising Drill?[]

Dome Perimeter Control

We are seeing Red Star Rising.
Confirm at once this is a training drill.

Capt. Stuart Bell
Dome Perimeter Control.

Red Star Rising Initiated[]

Liberty Dome HQ

This is NOT a training drill.
Red Star Rising has been initiated.
Begin your preparations.

Liberty Dome HQ

D.R.P Mail[]

D.R.P Mail[]


rot hex rev rot 120234465556415142565543502N584N56504R4N5

Nanosuit Log: Secondary Personality[]

Secondary Personality Analysis[]


? Personality file name
>>>> Alcatraz

? Personality status
>>>> Damaged (42% corrupt)

? Detailed report
>>>> Amalgamation of valuable data completed but "Alcatraz" personality file damaged in mission to repurpose Ceph black spore. Personality placed in indefinite storage after instabilities detected.

? Prognosis
>>>> No reinstall available. No repair possible at this time.

? Further actions
>>>> None

Nanosuit Log: Predator Bow[]

Predator Bow Analysis[]


? Weapon
>>>> Composite bow

[Listing weapon system benefits...]

>>> Silent fire
>>> Low stealth interference profile
>>> Heavy draw weight calibrated to nanosuit draw capacity
>>> High accuracy
>>> Long range
>>> Multiple arrow types
>>> Multiple tactical applications
>>> Reusable ammunition

? Weapon system value in Liberty Dome environment:
>>>> High.

? Recommendation:
>>>> Retain weapon.

Nanosuit Log: NAX[]

NAX Analysis[]


? Overview
>>> NAX is CELL's dome management AI. The system is heavily shielded and rigged with multiple failsafe devices. Direct hack and override not viable (accuracy 98%). Complexity of shielding is responsible for occasional tempermental nature of system (accuracy 79%). Repetitous phrase matrix also under review following multiple 'negative emote' interactions with CELL staff.
Audio filtration protocols recommended.

Nanosuit Log: Energy Signature[]

Energy Signature Analysis[]


[Analyzing high ambient energy levels detected across dome environment...]
[Analysis complete.]

? Ceph origin
>>>> Unknown.

? Expand 'Unknown'
>>> Base energy parameters match previously encountered alien technology, but energy modulation 100% inconsistent with any recognized Ceph system.
>>> Energy modulation 100% consistent with recognized CELL systems.
? Hypothesis
>>>> Extremely powerful Ceph energy device has been repurposed for CELL use (accuracy 93.5%)

? Additional Hypothesis
>>> Energy remodulated for exclusive CELL access (accuracy 75.9%)
>>> Energy leakage responsible for accelerated vegetation growth (accuracy 99.1%)
>>> Energy leakage indicative of unstable transfer/modulation process (accuracy 98.4%)

? Risk analysis >>> Very high

? Threat parameters
>>> Global (extinction level event)

Nanosuit Log: Liberty Dome[]

Liberty Dome Analysis 1[]


[Analyzing Liberty Dome defenses...]
[Acquiring data from all available sources...]
[Analysis complete.]

? Overview
>>> Linked watchtower network equip. - 360 degree, high caliber, heavy ordinance automated cannons with laser targeting systems. Wide target acquisition and wide area kill zone radius.

? Effectiveness
>>> Suppression of human combatants: Extremely high.
>>> Suppression of non-human combatants: Very high.
>>> Suppression of unit designated 'Prophet': Moderate

Liberty Dome Analysis 2[]


[Acquiring data on Liberty Dome CELL HQ from CELL Ethernet...]
[Acquiring complete.]

? Obverview
>>>> CELL's HQ facility within the Liberty Dome oversees power harvesting, remodulation and output, and also has authority and ultimate responsibility for research and development, testing and all work carried out within the facility.
The centre has the clearance level and necessary facilities to interface with all of CELL's global operations at the highest level. For this reason, the building is very well defended and heavily fortified.

Nanosuit Log: Pinger[]

Pinger Analysis[]


[Analyzing Ceph unit...]
>>> Pinger

? Status
>>>> Inactive

? Unit damage
>>>> Moderate

? Energy
>>>> Extremely low
>>>> Trace life signs detected

? Conclusion
>>>> Unit is in deep hibernation

[Acquiring further data...]
>>>> - Data Origin: Liberty Dome Etherweb. Security level: Semi-restricted resource -
>>>> The Pinger is a heavily armored Ceph walker. Typically fulfilling a heavy tank role on the battlefield, this Ceph vehicle is equipped with two heavy plasma cannons and a powerful EMP 'ping' generator. Despite its relatively short range, this EMP has proven itself to be highly effective against a broad spectrum of battlefield systems, and can be seen as an early indicator of the deadly adaptive nature of the Second Stage Ceph.
Dr. Keane
Head of Xenostudy

Nanosuit Log: Stalker[]

Stalker Analysis[]


[Analyzing Ceph unit...]
>>> Stalker

[Acquiring Ceph unit data...]
[Acquiring complete.]

- Data origin: Liberty Dome Etherweb. Security level: Semi-restricted resource -
>>> The Ceph Stalker, or 'Remnant' is one of the few Ceph creatures able to function without the influence of the hive mind. Though they become wild, animalistic creatures with no higher brain functions in this mode, these feral stalkers nevertheless remain fierce and lethal hunters. They have sufficient animal cunning to keep away from our automated defense towers, but all teams are nevertheless advised to remain on high alert at all times when operating on the dome floor. The stalker's ability to remain active without a typical Ceph energy supply requires further study, but worrying field reports suggest that the stalker has the capacity to ingest sustenance in a more traditional manner...
Dr. Keane
Head of Xenostudy

Nanosuit Log: Fulton Hydrodam[]

Fulton Hydrodam Analysis []


[Accessing and analyzing all data on Fulton Hydrodam from rebel sources...]
[Analyzing defense power grid interfaces..]
[Compilation complete.]

? Overview
>>>> The twin generators of Fulton Hydrodam provide power supply for the entire CELL automated defense grid. Defense systems of primary target 'Energy Nexus' powered from this location. Destroying the generators of Fulton Hydrodam will drastically reduce CELL's defense capacity accross the dome (approx 75% reduction).
>>>> No connection exist between Energy Nexus system and the defense power grids.

? Hypothesis
>>>> Serious risk associated with connecting the two grids (accuracy 88%):.

? Nature of risk
>>>> Unknown.

Nanosuit Log: Energy Nexus[]

Nexus Analysis[]


[Accessing and analyzing all data on Energy Nexus from rebel sources...]
[Compilation complete.]

? Overview
>>>> The Energy Nexus harvests, remodulates, and outputs Ceph power on a global scale. This power is drawn from a single alien artifact stored deep beneath the facility itself. The device is codenamed "System X".
>>>> The transfer and modulation of power within the Energy Nexus is highly unstable. Immediate safe shutdown recommended.

? Hypothesis
>>>> High powered Ceph reactor core (accuracy 45%)
>>>> Unknown anti-matter energy system (accuracy 4%)
>>>> Unknown black hole energy system (accuracy 2%)
>>>> Unknown system (39%)

Immediate safe shutdown recommended.

Nanosuit Log: St. Bartholomew's Hospital[]

St. Bartholomew Analysis[]


[Acquiring data on St. Bartholonew's Hospital (CELL Facility) from all available sources...]
[Compilation complete.]

? Overview
>>>> St. Bartholomew's Hospital was Liberty Dome's principle nano-exitraction Facility ("skinning lab") until a rebel force led by Claire Fontanelli assaulted and permanently disabled it in 2045, liberating Michael "Psycho" Sykes and Daniel 'Lazy Dane' Østergaard in the process.
>>>> Subjects were held against their will, then cut from their nerve and skin-bonded nanosuits over a period of weeks or months. These incredibly painful procedures were carried out slowly and without anesthetic so as not to interfere with data capture. Many subjects did not survive this process. The removed nanosuit material was then used in a variety of experiments, including the improvement integration technologies between human and Ceph systems. Though there are no further nanosuits available for extraction, tests on existing material continues inside the dome to this day.
>>>> The team of scientists carrying out the experiments reported directly to Dr. Hurst, a prominent member of the CELL board.

? Lookup Psycho
>>>> Subject found: Michael "Psycho" Sykes

? Identify procedure responsible
>>>> Unknown. Data unavailable.

Nanosuit Log: Scorcher[]

Scorcher Analysis[]


[Analyzing Ceph unit...]
>>> Scorcher

[Acquiring Ceph unit data...]
[Acquiring complete.]

>>> - Data Origin: Liberty Dome Etherweb. Security level: Semi-restricted resource -
>>> The Scorcher (Pyro-Xenus) a large Ceph combat unit developed to resist ballistic weapon strikes, and also to take advantage of human vulnerability to heat-based weaponry. originally believed to contain an organic entity, the unit is actually fully automated.
Dr. Keane
Head of Xenostudy

Nanosuit Log: Nanosuit Neurotechnology[]

Nanosuit Neurology Analysis 1[]


[Accessing and analyzing nanosuit neurology research data...]
[Compilation complete.]

WARNING. Suit safety seals broken.
WARNING Dopamine receptors removed.
Reinstate immediately.
Reinstate immediately.
Reinstate immediately.

? Disregard warnings
>>>> Warning level restored.

? Nature of risk
>>>> Suit now open to exterior influence.
>>>> Amplified risk of Ceph hive mind gaining control of unit designation "Prophet" (unknown % - presumed high)

? Predicted outcomes
>>>> Unit designation "Prophet" loses free will
>>>> Unit designation "Prophet" becomes part of the Ceph hive.
>>>> Unit designation "Prophet" becomes Ceph.

Nanosuit Neurology Analysis 2[]


[Updating status...]
[Update complete.]

>>>> Neurological integration with Ceph hive mind and data removal now theoretically possible. Physical interaction with Ceph hive mind amplification unit required for optimum chance of connectivity.
>>>> Warning! Ceph hive mind will also be able to access unit designated "Prophet".
>>>> Warning! Risk of Ceph assimilation = very high (87.1%)

Nanosuit Log: Claire Fontanelli's Statement[]

Claire's Statement Analysis[]


[Analyzing Statement of Claire Fontanelli...]
>>>> Voice patterns match established 'truth' marker overlays.
>>>> Heart rate consistent with truthful statement in 'emotional distress'.
>>>> Eye moment constant with truthful statement.

[Ethercloning Claire Fontanelli's CELL ID...]
[Accessing personnel file notes...]
>>>> "Claire Fontanelli voluntarily enrolled of the Work Away Debt program in place of her younger siblings, who were to be drafted into the scheme to pay her father's debts."
>>>> "Fontanelli has three 'to watch' markers on her profile for outspoken resistance to her role at St. Bartholomew's Nano Extraction Facility, and for emotional over-involvement with test subjects."

? Analysis Output
>>>> Claire Fontanelli's statement is true. (Statement Veracity 94.3%)

Nanosuit Log: Archangel[]

Archangel Analysis 1[]


[Retrieving partial unencrypted communication on watch phrase "Red Star Rising"]
[Retrieval complete.]

>>> "...Red Star Rising......have green lit coordinates....relocating...."
>>> No further data recovered at this time.

Archangel Analysis 2[]


[Applying decrypt supplied by Claire Fontanelli to access CELL Archangel files...]
[Acquiring data...]
[Compilation complete.]

? Overview
>>>> Archangel is the key regulator platform in CELL's wireless energy grid.
>>>> Secondary function as orbital weapon platform.
>>>> Secondary function is in violation of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty.

? Background
>>>> Ongoing covert US orbital weapons program Project Excalibur subcontracted to CryNet Systems in 2018. Development halted by Hargreave Rasch 2021, but reinstated when company restructed and rebranded as CELL Corporation. By combining the original Excalibur development research with Ceph energy transference technologies, CELL were able to construct and launch a fully operational orbiting weapon system without the knowledge of anyone outside the company.

Archangel Analysis 3[]


[Analyzing Archangel status...]
[Analysis complete.]

? Overview
>>>> Archangel strike aborted.
>>>> 5% weapon discharge confirmed.
>>>> 95% weapon charge retained.
>>>> Archangel now moving into standby position.

WARNING 5% strike strength insufficient to cleanse dome.
WARNING Ceph activity detected in all sectors.

Nanosuit Log: Ceph Genetics[]

Ceph Genetics Analysis[]


[Accessing Karl Rasch records as retained in CELL archives...]
[Repurposing CELL decryption key...]
[Downloading extract...]
[Download complete.]

>>>> "The Ceph genetic material has now completely grafted itself into my DNA. Hargreave calls my work insane. He believes that we should be focusing our attention on some kind of removable application of the alien technology we have uncovered, he says experimenting on myself in this way is unorthodox and dangerous. Maybe it is, but I have not felt so well, so strong, in years. The signs of aging are undoing themselves accross my body. We will continue to develop Hargreave's idea for all-purpose military battle suit for commercial purposes, but I am now convinced that the real breakthrough with this technology is internal, on a genetic level. So far, I have experienced no side effects whatsoever, only a series of rather strange dreams..."

Nanosuit Log: Spacial Anomaly[]

Wormhole Analysis[]


[Accessing CELL data collection facilities...][Gathering data on spacial anomaly...]
[Gathering complete.]

? Report
>>>> CELL System hypothesis accurate. Anomaly is a space-time wormhole.
>>>> Exit aperture: Earth orbit.
>>>> Size: 30 miles diameter.
>>>> Stability: Stable
>>>> Generated by: Unknown Ceph technology
>>>> Powered by: Alpha Ceph
>>>> Entry aperture: Unknown but most probable is M33 Galaxy (accuracy 81.4%)
>>>> Object in transit between apertures.
>>>> Identity of object based on observation and CELL records: Ceph Stage Three warship (accuracy 98%)

? Hypothesis
>>>> Ceph Stage Three initiated.

Nanosuit Log: Mastermind[]

Mastermind Analysis[]


[Analyzing Ceph unit...]
>>> Mastermind

[Acquiring Ceph unit data...]
[Acquiring complete.]

>>>> As Ceph field commander, the Mastermind is very powerful and important node/nexus creature in the Ceph hive mind. These creatures are unique in their ability to manipulate and reprupose the natural flow of the Alpha Ceph's thought-energy for a wide range of deadly outcomes. We learned a great deal about the manipulation and transmission of Ceph power from experimentation on these creatures, and lost many valuable research specialists in the process. The Mastermind, through its utilization of Ceph thought-energy, is a phenomenal field command unit, and is without doubt one of the most valuable and dangerous of all known Ceph organisms.

A Cry For Help[]

A Cry For Help[]

Claire Fontanelli

If you're receiving this signal, you have to listen. CELL control everything now. The markets. The politicians. The power. But it's not too late.... there are still those of us who continue to fight for freedom, democracy, and justice.

If any of that still matters to you, you need find the very best weapon you can, you need to find us, and you need to get ready to fight to take back your life. Because right now - they own you. They own the cables to your home. They own your TV channels. They own the government that legislates what you can watch. They own the power to your TV set. They own you.

CELL Corporation[]

CELL Corporation[]

CELL Biochemicals

From our beginnings as a private military contractor, to our current international role in wide-scale governmental goal management, energy generation and population pacification solutions, CELL has always believed that firm equals fair.
By monetizing advanced technologies retrieved in the aftermath of the Ceph conflict, CELL became financially-empowered to reimagine the world's broken political and social systems inline with our own lofty principles and strict codes of conduct.
From here at CELL head office, your role within the company has been devised with total consideration and foolproof forward-planning.
We do all the thinking, so you don't have to.
Do your job. Follow orders. You're on the winning team.

Out Of Test Subjects[]

Out Of Test Subjects[]

Dr. Hurst

You listen to me. You tell them I'm well aware of the risks involved in moving Prophet, but my labs are out of test subjects.
He's the last one on the list so they'd better get him out here if they want my work to continue.
Do they need reminding that the nanosuit is still the only successful wet interrogation of Ceph technology we have?
I expect to be sawing that suit off Prophet by Friday, or I'll be skinning you instead.

The Liberty Dome[]

The Liberty Dome[]

CELL Biochemicals

The majestic Liberty Dome is the beating heart of CELL's entire global operation. A new symbol of socially-encouraged harmony and goodwill, she was erected to fulfill a two-fold purpose: to protect our most valuable Ceph artifact, and to channel unlimited free energy from that artifact to our millions of paying customers on lifetime contracts all around the world.
Rebel operatives remain at large within the Liberty Dome, and these armed anarchists are intent on disrupting the valuable service that CELL provides.
As your supervisor will have informed you, these individuals are now legally considered to have defaulted their human rights, and should be dealt with appropriately.

The Skinning Trials[]

The Skinning Trials[]

SENATOR STRICKLAND: Justice Hardy, you know this disgusting brutalization, of American citizens - of war heroes - is taking place as well as I do!
JUSTICE HARDY: You will lower your voice when you address this court, Senator Strickland! There is no evidence this so-called skinning lab even exists, just as there is no evidence -
SENATOR STRICKLAND: They got to you, didn't they?
JUSTICE HARDY: Just as there is no evidence that the terrorist Prophet was ever apprehended...
SENATOR STRICKLAND: Terrorist!? Prophet saved us all! If it wasn't for him... How did CELL get you? Was it money... or threats?
JUSTICE HARDY: There is no skinning facility, Senator. And this delusional crusade against a company that -
SENATOR STRICKLAND: Where are they, then? Where are the veterans of the nanosuit program? If your new friends CELL didn't flay the suits off them... then where are all the people on this list!? You can't answer me, can you?
JUSTICE HARDY: Careful, you are dangerously close to being held in contempt of court, Senator Strickland!
SENATOR STRICKLAND: Where are they, Justice Hardy? And where are the dissenters? Where are the scientists? Where's Nathan Gould, Justice Hardy?
JUSTICE HARDY: That's enough! Get her out of this court!
SENATOR STRICKLAND: Where are they, Justice? Where are they....

Paradise Satellite Network[]

Paradise Satellite Network[]

CELL Biochemicals

Here at CELL Industries, we're working hard to make power cables a thing of the past. Thanks to new wireless transfer technologies, we're taking global power supply into the heavens, with the Paradise Satellite Network.
Hundreds of Cherubim and Seraphim orbital platforms will beam our energy direct to your home, or designated work-live area. And with this glittering sky of power regulated and controlled by our Archangel satellite, nowhere will be left in the dark for long.
Paradise Satellite Network.
Look up to CELL. Because we're above you.
Terms and conditions apply, subscription mandatory.

Evacuate NYC[]

Evacuate NYC[]

CELL Energy Monopoly[]

CELL Energy Monopoly[]

Senator Strickland

CELL are using their near-monopoly to push up the cost of power. In the Third World alone, electricity prices have increased by almost 400% in the last two years. No one can afford to pay that! Hospitals, schools, whole towns are shutting down across the globe. This is real! People Are. Dying! And what happens if you can't keep up the payments your lifetime contract...? The world is going dark in more ways than one, my friends. While you hide your heads in the sand, the lights of democracy, freedom, and liberty are all going out.

CELL Bear[]

CELL Bear[]

CELL Biochemicals

TV ANNOUNCER: From tonight and every night, we're replacing our existing program for pre-schoolers with a new TV show directly from our sponsors...
CELL BEAR: Who always keeps the power on?
CELL BEAR: Who stops the aliens when they come?
CELL BEAR: Who tells on stealers - every one!?

CELL Cash Id Card[]

CELL Cash Id Card[]

CELL Biochemicals

I've got nothing to hide!
I've got nothing to hide! I've got nothing to hide!
We've got nothing to hide!

All over the world, people with nothing to hide are signing up for the new CELL combined cash-ID card. Signing up voluntarily guarantees preferential rates that are so good; you'd have to be a subversive or a terrorist to want to miss out! So if you've got nothing to hide, apply today.
CELL Cash-ID. Use it. Prove it.

Work Away Debt Trial[]

Work Away Debt Trial[]

CELL LAWYER: Senator Strickland can protest about the Work Away Debt scheme all she wants, but the fact is, users contractually agree to our secondary payment system if they default on their energy bills.
SENATOR STRICKLAND: Secondary payment system?! People on this program work for CELL to clear their debts, but the rates and deductions are calculated so you can never pay back what you owe! Work Away Debt means one thing - CELL own you for life!

Ceph Stage One[]

Ceph Stage One[]

Dr. J Keane

The gigantic Ceph Over-hives of the M33 galaxy constantly spew forth seeding ships to colonize new worlds. These ships contain Stage One Ceph creatures, of the kind first encountered on Lingshan
The Stages Ones are powerful and highly advanced, but also hugely dependent on their landing vessels, and therefore unsuitable for long-term colonization roles.
After landing, the principle aim of these early Ceph is to harvest power. For this reason, they deploy a wide range of energy-gathering technologies, all notable for their ice-generation effects.
If only we'd known. Once sufficient power has been harvested in this way, the Ceph become an infinitely greater threat.
If only we'd been able to stop them here, before Stage Two...

The Liberty Beam[]

The Liberty Beam[]


CELL HQ: My God, what in the hell is that!?
DR. COLLINS: An energy release perhaps, or... an interstellar signal of some kind? ...I -
CELL HQ: Doctor, the CELL board pay your team a hell of a lot of money - and now you're telling me you have no idea what that thing shooting into space from the top of our dome is!?
DR. COLLINS: Well, of course it must be connected to the System X containment breach in some way, but I need to gather more -
CELL HQ: You need to gather the facts! I want a full report in one hour! Get on it!!

Ceph Energy Collection Activities[]

Ceph Energy Collection Activities[]

Dr. J Keane

For many years, we didn't understand the importance of the early Ceph energy collection activities. By the time we realised what they were doing, it was too late. The massive amounts of energy collected by the Lingshan aliens was used to birth a gigantic living battery of tremendous power, System X - the Alpha Ceph.
We're not certain if the Alpha Ceph was simply empowered on Lingshan, or if it was born there in the stolen heat of our nuclear strike.
One thing is certain - with the Alpha, the Ceph would no longer be dependent on their landing ships for energy.
Stage Two could begin...

Ceph Technology[]

Ceph Technology[]

Dr. Hurst

Despite some major breakthroughs in power collection and wireless energy transfer, the vast majority of Ceph technology still remains inaccessible to us. Only the nanosuit program achieved a fully workable integration of technologies, and that bastard Rasch obliterated so much of his research on the way out that we're practically back in the Dark Ages.
Our work with existing nanosuit material is promising, but severely limited by supply. But the rewards of success are almost unimaginable. Full integration would deliver the complete spectrum of alien technologies into the hands of CELL.
For this knowledge, any price is acceptable.

Ceph Stage Two[]

Ceph Stage Two[]

Dr. J Keane

The Ceph creatures that attacked New York and other major population capitals were different in many respects to the Lingshan aliens, though the reason for this was not immediately apparent. We now know that the Ceph are a highly adaptive and reactive species, with the initial Stage One aliens bred to give way to a second stage, one specifically evolved and modified for their host environment.
They assessed our world. They absorbed our DNA, tested it with their spores and, when we resisted, studied our battle tactics.
The Ceph adapt to mirror the dominant species. This is their genius. What better way to ensure success in any environment, in any corner of the universe?
The Stage Two aliens were bred to terraform our planet. To turn the Earth into a Hiveworld.
But we defeated them. Pushed them back. And the Ceph have only one response to defeat - Stage Three.

The Archangel[]

The Archangel[]

CELL Biochemicals

Here at CELL HQ, we trust our employees. We want you to think of yourselves as valuable members of the CELL family. And that's why we'd like you to know a few of the less commonly advertised features of the Archangel satellite.
In addition to flawless energy management and regulation in the provision of billions of people's energy needs, further functionality of the asset includes the Red Star Rising protocol, whereby focused release of the global power store can obliterate problematic terrestrial localities for threat management, contested-issue resolution, and future well-being purposes.
For more information, please contact your supervisor.
CELL. Whatever it is, it's covered.

Ceph Stage Three[]

Ceph Stage Three[]

Dr. J Keane

If Stage Two Ceph are unable to terraform a world due to heavy native resistance, Stage Three is initiated. Stage Three means the arrival of infinitely more advanced, dedicated Warrior Ceph directly from the M33 galaxy.
Little is known about Stage Three aliens, but - beyond some degree of shared genetic ancestry with Earth-based Ceph - they are likely to be utterly different to anything we have ever dealt with before.
Stage Two Ceph have only been active here for a few decades, and already they are a well-adapted highly capable combat force. The Warrior Ceph of M33, by contrast, have half a billion years of combat evolution behind them.
These Ceph, in all probability, are the closest thing to gods we should ever be unlucky enough to encounter.
Stage Three must be prevented at any cost.

Evacuation Protocol[]

Evacuation Protocol[]

CELL Public Announcement

All remaining CELL personnel: evacuate to external perimeter gamma and hold. Repeat - perimeter gamma and hold.
Liberty Dome is abandoned. I say again, Liberty Dome is abandoned.

Breaking News[]

Breaking News[]

...the mysterious energy beam above Liberty Dome now seems to be creating some kind of spatial anomaly -
...of course CELL Industries are in complete control of the situation! No, I have no comment on the relocation of Archangel at this time.
...are now seeing vehicles and other earthbound objects in high orbit around the central anomaly, suggesting that these items are being dragged up into space by the beam itself.
...political landscape, as Senator Strickland continues to push for a full disclosure of all CELL operations.
...advising that the public remain calm, as NASA works with other state-owned institutes in an attempt to uncover more about the Liberty Dome beam.