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"Mitchell Reeves lies dead on the loading platform with two of his homeys, twitching under the ministrations of a pair of ticks."
Darkheart (45)

Mitchell Reeves' corpse

Mitchell Reeves was a C.E.L.L. soldier that was killed by Ceph in the mission "Dark Heart" of Crysis 2.

According to Hargreave, he was the best of his men aside from Tara Strickland. The dead bodies of his squad members are found scattered about "Dark Heart." Alcatraz can find three surviving members of the squad in alien-infested subway, but they are usually overrun by Ceph Stalkers. Reeves and his team are equipped with SCARs, M12 Novas, Marshalls, DSG-1s, AY-69s, and one X-43 MIKE.

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