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Mobility Enhance is a singleplayer and multiplayer Nanosuit 2 Power Module that decreases energy consumption when sprinting in Crysis 2.


The module decreases the Nanosuit Energy consumption when sprinting by 50% which allows the player to run twice as long before energy runs out. This can be helpful as it allows the player to move around freely and conserve energy for fights. When upgraded to level 2, it increases climb and ledge grab speed which usually leaves the player vulnerable to enemy attacks. The third upgrade increases aiming speed after sprinting which allows the player to enter action as soon as he or she exits sprint. In singleplayer, it is located on the Ring Finger (Power Modules) in the Module Section and is unlocked for 600 Nano Catalyst.


  • Upgrade II - Increased climb and ledge grab speed.
  • Upgrade III - faster aiming after sprinting.