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The Molecular Accelerator, also known as the MOAC, is a Ceph weapon in Crysis.


The MOAC and its counterpart, the MOAR, are alien weapons that are used by the Ceph Scouts and Troopers. They utilize extremely advanced technology, and due to their deadly and mysterious nature, they are considered dangerous by the U.S. Government during the events of Crysis.


The MOAC extracts water vapor from the surrounding air, freezes it, and then fires the resultant shards of ice. Prophet was able to modify this weapon on the battlefield to be human compatible, appearing to use the carrying handles of the Hurricane Minigun. The scientists on the USS Constitution were amazed that he succeeded, considering that it would take weeks for a team of scientists to reverse-engineer the MOAC.

In multiplayer, there is a variant of the MOAC called the MOAR (Molecular Arrestor), which also collects atmospheric moisture, but instead of ice projectiles, it fires a stream of supercooled air at close range. Anyone hit by this is briefly incapacitated, and if the victim is hit by any other weapon during this period of vulnerability, they will shatter. This encourages teamwork, where one person carries the MOAR, and another a standard weapon.

Moac 1



The MOAC requires no ammunition, and has a high rate-of-fire. Its faster warm-up time compared to the minigun makes it quicker to use in combat. The MOAC is also an extremely effective multi-player weapon, being able to massacre a large group of players in a few bursts due to its high damage.


The MOAC has a short cooldown time, which activates after a period of continuous fire. The MOAC also has a relatively short range, and is only truly effective when utilizing guerrilla tactics. As it can only be fired from the hip (on pc not consoles), accurately aiming is difficult on higher difficulties because the crosshair is not available. In Paradise Lost where the weapon is first made available, SMGs or assault rifles may be more effective for dealing with the high flying Ceph Scouts, as they allow one to aim down the sights.

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