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The Molecular Arrestor (MOAR) is an attachment that is placed on the MOAC. MOARs are also used as weapons by the Ceph.


The MOAR attachment is only used by the MOAC.

The Ceph, however, have MOARs of various types. Ceph Troopers have small MOARs, while the Ceph Warrior has a massive one.

Moar 1



After charging for 1-2 seconds, the MOAR will shoot out a freeze ray. Any character or vehicle (except the VTOL) will be frozen by it. When frozen, any damage will cause the frozen object to shatter, resulting in an instant death. After several seconds of vigorously mashing the movement keys, players will become unfrozen but all vehicles and AI will be permanently frozen and effectively dead.


Players can freeze several enemies and, while they're motionless, kill them without having to deal with them. Players can also freeze vehicles to prevent their enemy from moving.


Some vehicles can still fire at the player when frozen but will shatter when getting hit. Players commanding the vehicle however won't (same for AI), allowing the enemy driver and its crew to remain unharmed.

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