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Crysis 3
Support Bonuses

Maximum Radar


Maximum Nanosuit

Ceph Gunship

Game Types
Team Instant Action


Museum is a large multiplayer map set in a flooded museum. Visibility is fairly low in this map what with the mist and darkened atmosphere, making the Tech Scope and Stealth gameplay the perfect choice. The area is flooded and swampy, and most of it is in open view. The demolished building in the middle of the map connects to several smaller demolished parts that overlook the rest of the map - the most important feature would be the balcony overlooking the center area where several players will gather to master the overwatch area. The small halls and staircases of the building will require players using long range weapons to switch to close quarter battling.

There is a downed helicopter located on the open ground area that has, inside, a switch than can be activated in order to turn on the rotors. Anything within the area of effect is sliced - so should you obtain that kill, you will receive a dog tag.