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The Muzzle Brake is both a multiplayer and singleplayer weapon attachment available in Crysis 3.


Muzzle Brake increases weapon stability by lessening vertical recoil ('muzzle climb') , allowing more controllable, and accurate, fire. However, it also greatly increases muzzle flash. Slightly improves first shot accuracy. Slows weapon draw by a small amount, and eliminates a lot of scope sway, though not quite as much as the match barrel modification.


Muzzle brakes are universally useful on all weapons that can mount them - however, having it mounted makes stealth far more difficult, since your shots will be alerting enemies from much farther away, so think before you bolt this onto every weapon you come across.

By far the best muzzle modification if you intend to snipe.

Out of all the weapons in crysis 3, the SCARAB arguably benefits the most from having a muzzle brake.


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