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Nyc liberty dome

The NYC Liberty Dome

The NYC Liberty Dome is a giant nanodome appearing as the main setting for Crysis 3. It was built by C.E.L.L. in order to kill all remaining Ceph forces in New York City and to cleanse the area of Ceph pollution, but the hidden purpose of the dome is to allow C.E.L.L. to take over the world.[1]


The Liberty Dome is composed of huge hexagon shaped nano-glass panels. Within the Dome, a micro-climate has been formed in the remains of the New York ruins, as it has become a giant rainforest teeming with overgrown trees, dense swamplands, and raging rivers. It even keeps sub-tropical temperatures while the outside temperature is below zero. Some animal species started to re-populate the Dome area such as deer, squirrels and even alligators.

A large network of towers built by CELL equipped with high caliber, heavy ordinance automated cannons with laser targeting system ensure that any trespasser is killed on sight. A giant hydro dam built under the Dome provides all the energy for the CELL security systems.

There seems to be multiple domes all around the world built on the biggest concentrations of Ceph technology.