Crysis2 Nano Recharge
Nano Recharge
Unlocked at

8000 Nano Catalyst (SP)

Nano Recharge is a singleplayer and multiplayer Nanosuit Armor Module that reduces the time required to refill energy by 50%. In multiplayer, it first restores the health.


The module reduces the time required to recharge the player's health and Nanosuit energy by 50%. This can be very useful in situations where you run out of energy, as it can quickly refill energy in preparation for an attack or counter-attack. In singleplayer the module is located on the Middle Finger (Armor Modules) in the Module section and requires 8000 Nano Catalyst to unlock.
Nano Recharge animated

Nano Recharge being used in Multiplayer.

Upgrades Edit

  • Upgrade II - Faster Nanosuit energy recharge.
  • Upgrade III - Shorter Delay before Health & Energy recharge.
    Nano Recharge sp animated

    Nano Recharge being used in Single Player.

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