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The Nanosuit cradle in the Hargreave-Rasch building

Nanosuit Cradles are large portable devices designed by CryNet to interface with the Nanosuit and Nanosuit 2. They are seen in multiple levels throughout the Crysis series.


One Nansuit cradle appears on the Constitution, though it's still unnamed. Both Prophet and Nomad use it.

Crysis 2[]

There are two Nanosuit cradles seen in Crysis 2; the first is seen in "Lab Rat" in Nathan Gould's rented apartment. It is a standard model Nanosuit cradle. Gould claims it to be "superannuated CryNet stock," and that he took it out of storage when he was fired from Hargreave-Rasch Biomedical.

The second Nanosuit cradle seen in Crysis 2 is during the events of "Dead Man Walking." It is a much more powerful version of the cradle that Nathan Gould owns. Alcatraz and Gould use the cradle to scan the suit's deep layer protocols, which ultimately leads to them both being captured by Tara Strickland and Commander Lockhart.

Crysis 3[]

A different looking Cradle appears in the C.E.L.L. skinning lab in Crysis 3. Prophet and Psycho use it to remove the restraints on Prophet's suit's nanites, so he can interface with the Ceph Hive Mind .