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"I hesitate to use cheap earth fauna analogies; God knows I'll start sounding like Nathan Gould if I do."
Jacob Hargreave

Dr. Nathan Gould is a main character in Crysis 2 and acts as a friend and advisor for Alcatraz for a portion of the game.


Nathan Gould is the grandson of Walter Gould, a colleague of both Jacob Hargreave and Karl Rasch, and once a biological nanotechnologist researcher at Hargreave-Rasch Biomedical.[1] He participated in the Nano-Shell Project and was acquainted with Prophet before he left the company under unknown circumstances. After the Ceph began their invasion of New York City, Gould worked with Prophet in finding a way to beat the Ceph.

Crysis 2[]

Gould's knowledge was a target of the CryNet Systems's C.E.L.L. forces, who hunted him until he was rescued by Alcatraz. Gould mistook the nanosuit soldier for Prophet until learning his true identity. Gould was dismayed in learning about Prophet's death before later scanning the nanosuit from which he learned that it was fused with alien DNA and could be used as a bioweapon. He directed Alcatraz to use the nanosuit cradle at the C.E.L.L. Nanotech Facility to learn more. They traveled there and began scanning the suit, realizing that it was fusing with his body, but they were captured by Commander Dominic Lockhart and Tara Strickland before they could get more information. Gould was soon separated from Alcatraz after they were attacked by the Ceph. During the chaos, Gould managed to escape.

Gould later reappeared during the evacuation at Grand Central Terminal, begging Colonel Sherman Barclay to let him stay in the city and help despite being a civilian. But Barclay refused and Gould was put on a subway train to be evacuated while under escort by Chino. Barclay wondered how Gould escaped from Tara, and decided she must have let him go for some hidden purpose.

Gould's train was attacked by aliens and he escaped back into the city, where he reunite with Alcatraz and Tara after the latter revealed herself to be an undercover CIA agent acting against CryNet Systems. Together, they traveled to Central Park, which was lifted into the sky by the alien craft beneath it. They dropped Alcatraz on the ship and he managed to upload the bioweapon from his suit, destroying the Ceph invaders in the city. Gould was last seen helping survivors in the city with Tara.

Crysis 3[]

Gould does not appear in Crysis 3 but is said in a datapad to be working for C.E.L.L. as a biotechnologist. Otherwise, he is regarded as missing.


"Barclay's guys are getting creamed uptown."
―Gould commenting on the the USMC's progress against the Ceph

"I'm a geek conspiracy nut, for Christ's sake!"
―Gould commenting his own status



Gould's leg injury

  • Nathan Gould is voiced by Paul Birchard.
  • It appears that Gould has a leg injury as he is seen with bloody bandages around his right knee and he walks with a slight limp.
  • In the Crysis 3 multiplayer map Airport, the airport appears to be named after Nathan Gould.


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