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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea, is a communist country in East Asia. The capital is Pyongyang. In Crysis and its expansion, North Korea is the main antagonist of the game and held an archaeologist team hostage, demanding them to "unlock" the source of power contained within the Alien Mountain.


North Korea was founded when the Soviet Union occupied the northern half of the Korean peninsula. Kim II-sung was placed in charge of the Provisional People’s Committee and later established the Korean People's Army and proclaimed himself to be president of North Korea. By the 1950s, North Korea was under a communist dictatorship, the main instigator of the Korean War (called the "Fatherland Liberation War" in North Korea) and began a massive investment in industry, military equipment and such, and a major reformation and money investment, despite the damage by the Korean War.


In 2011, Kim Jong-Il dies and Kim Jong-chul is named his successor. Kim Jong-chul heavily reformed the economy and made North Korea one of the wealthiest, most technologically advanced and powerful nations in the world. From this newfound wealth, it acquired new military hardware from China, increased its military power and developed nuclear weapons.

In 2019, North Korea became interested in Dr. David Rosenthal's archaeological team after their findings of alien machinery that predated mankind by two million years. In 2020, North Korea deployed the KPA to the Lingshan islands and held the archaeologists hostage after the Ceph Mountain was discovered.

Crysis Warhead[]

North Korea sends a "special delivery" from Yongbyon-Kun to the Lingshan Islands, which was a nuclear container for the unexploded Ceph Scout. The nuclear container was the primary objective of Psycho throughout the entire game and was eventually taken back to the USS Constitution under U.S. control. The fate of the container is unknown, but it was likely destroyed along with the Constitution during the Alien attack on the carrier.

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