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The O.G.R. is a Large Caliber Machine Gun that appears in Crysis 3 multiplayer.

Crysis 3[]

The O.G.R. is extremely powerful, but very inaccurate. Players should fire in controlled bursts to hit anything even a few meters away. Since the O.G.R. uses a belt-feed system, the reload times are much longer than magazines, thus making the module Weapon Pro almost essential. Accuracy enhancing modules such as Aim Enhance can be useful as well.


Accuracy: 6

Rate of fire: 7

Mobility: 4

Damage: 7

Range: 5

Stability: 4


All Attachments are unlocked at Weapon Levels. Below is a list of attachments available for this weapon and the level they are unlocked at. 

  • Level 1 - Iron Sights - 0 Kills
  • Level 2 - Reflex Sight - 10 Kills
  • Level 3 - Assault Scope - 25 Kills
  • Level 4 - Muzzle Brake - 50 Kills
  • Level 5 - Extended Magazine - 100 Kills


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