Plasma Accumulator Cannon (PAX)
Production information

US Military


Experimental weapon

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

3300 (3000 for pre-Warhead version)

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode

Single shot


Electric, Magnetice

Rate of Fire

23 shots/minute (25 shots/minute for pre-Warhead version)




Short to medium

Ammunition specifications
Ammunition Type

Plasmatic gasses

Muzzle Velocity

Instant (30 meters per second for pre-Warhead version)






US Military


The PAX, or Plasma Accumulator Cannon is a weapon that is available on the final mission (All the Fury) of Crysis Warhead, found inside the crashed C-18 on the runway. The PAX is Warhead's superweapon, much like the Tac Gun in Crysis. It was used to destroy the Red Hunter. Unlike the TAC Gun, the PAX fires bursts of superheated plasma. The PAX is a singleplayer weapon only.


The PAX fires bursts of plasma, which is ionized gas that responds to electromagnetic fields. The PAX presumably draws gas from the surrounding environment, after which it is ionized by the weapon's power source. The bolt of plasma will transfer its energy to its target upon impact, causing a powerful energy explosion. As the plasma travels farther it spreads into several smaller chunks, much like the Shotgun as the balls spread out over distance making it great for close combat on well armored units.


The PAX inflicts severe damage on impact, out-classing that of the Hurricane Minigun, Shotgun, FY71, SCAR and Gauss Rifle. The ammunition is also unlimited, meaning it is effective in prolonged combat with multiple targets. It can kill most Cephs in one hit.


The PAX has a relatively short range and a slow rate of fire. However, the recharge is average enough for sustained fire.


  • An earlier model of the PAX fired bolts that explode into massive plasmatic blasts similar to the TAC Gun. It was changed to its current incarnation to prevent the PAX from being too similar to the TAC Gun. It can still be found with cheats and in the game files.
  • The PAX is almost (visually) identical to its counterpart, the TAC Gun. It is possible that it is simply a modified or redesigned TAC Gun with the same basic appearance, or vice versa.
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