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The Pacific Shores Mine is a mining complex featured in Crysis Warhead. It is abandoned during the events of the game; time since is never specified.


The Pacific Shores Mine is a large mining complex sitting atop a cliff near the base of the Ceph Mountain.

During Crysis Warhead[]

First mentioned in Frozen Paradise, it's the rendezvous point for Psycho and Eagle Team at the end of the level. A cave-in that blocks the entry delays them, giving the Ceph time to ambush them, opening the cave in the process. Psycho enters quickly, but another cave-in prevents Eagle Team from following, forcing Psycho to proceed on his own. The mine had suffered a lot of cave-ins since it's operating days, making it hard to navigate through, but with the help of Commander Emerson Psycho eventually makes it through to the mine's train station. Finding the Container he seeks already loaded onto one of the freight trains, Psycho boards it, taking the fight for it on the rails.


  • Although never specified, it's very likely that the Pacific Shores Mine and the mine Nomad enters to save the research team in Awakening are the one and same.
  • The upper is a speculation, but if seen closely the KPA Mine is right under the Ceph Mountain, where-as the Pacific Shores Mine is several kilometers away from it.