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Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost
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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is the eighth level of Crysis. During this level, the player must escape from the Ice Sphere.


Nomad goes out of the alien ship when suddenly the gravity returns, causing him to fall back to the ground. Then circular gate opens and comes a VTOL aircraft, which carries Helena Rosenthal who manages to see a Nomad. Then Nomad sees the sphere of ice coming from the inside of the ship and be unleashed around the island, while several Ceph Scouts, attack and demolish the VTOL. Then Nomad sees a Ceph Trooper, which jumps on the VTOL and breaks it. After this, Nomad stands up and looks down towards the mountain, which is now all frozen. He then receives a communication from Mayor Strickland who informs him of the last location of a group of marines, which are in danger and need his help.

Nomad begins its descent and finds some supplies. Then he encounters a group of Ceph troopers and proceeds to kill them. After a tough descent he reaches to the last known location of a group of marines. Unfortunately, they're all frozen to death. He informs this to Strickland and he tells to get out of the ice sphere and then call for evacuation. Then several Ceph troopers appear and overwhelm Nomad. Before they can kill him, Prophet appears, carrying re-engineered alien weapon and defeats the troopers. Prophet tells Nomad that its suit systems do not work well and he will freeze to death if he doesn't get warm. He then gives Nomad the alien weapon. Nomad takes Prophet towards a destroyed vehicle that is burning in order to provide heat for Prophet. As they follow the road they face multiple Ceph Troopers and Scouts. As they reach the bridge they see a huge alien ship fly above them. They then proceed to cross the bridge and leave the ice sphere.




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  • The name of the level is a reference to the epic poem of the same name by John Milton.