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Patrol boats are, as their name suggests, commonly used as patrols.


Patrol boats are similar in shape to Civilian Speedboats, but are slightly longer due to it having a military role. In singleplayer, they are dark green when used by both the KPA and the US forces. In multiplayer, they are light blue when used by the KPA.


The only weapon on the patrol boat is a single machine gun, but have no other armaments and its passengers cannot shoot.


These vehicles rarely appear in single player, as KPA sea patrols mainly use them only to patrol the shallow waters.

Though patrol boats are the largest and most formidable of seafaring vehicles, they are not particularly powerful when compared to many air and land vehicles. They build up to around 40 knots (46 mph, 74 km/h) very slowly, though the booster can push them up to 60 knots (69 mph, 111 km/h). The carrying capacity of six people does not make it particularly useful for transport. Despite their relatively weak armor, they should be primarily used for sea combat as other sea crafts will be even more vulnerable.


APC APCs will destroy the boat quickly.
Gauss Rifle Gauss Rifles deal as much damage as a grenade and is preferable to using grenades.
Missiles Three missiles will destroy the patrol boat
MOAR Like most vehicles, the MOAR will instantly freeze the boat, which allows any damage to shatter it.
Tank cannons Two to three hits will destroy the boat, depending on which type of tank cannon being used.
MOAC The MOAC destroys the boat very quickly.
Grenades Assuming that the Patrol boat is close to land, projectile grenades can deal good damage to the patrol boat, which takes five to destroy.
Gunfire The boat has relatively small protection against gunfire. Automatic fire will damage it fairly quickly.


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