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The Pinch Rifle is a Ceph support weapon featured in the game Crysis 3.


Pinch rifles are the standard-issue weapons of Ceph troopers. Though troopers appear to use a more primitive version of the weapon in Crysis 2, it cannot actually be used by the player in that game; only becoming usable in Crysis 3. It is primarily used by Ceph Grunts and Ceph Reavers.

The weapon has two modes: The first mode shoots plasma bolts in automatic fire at a relatively slow rate, serving as a general-purpose assault rifle. This fire mode is well-rounded but effectiveness drops off steeply at long ranges, especially because it lacks a semi-auto firing mode or a scope.

The second mode acts like a shotgun, shooting several plasma bolts in a cone which is highly effective against close-range targets. When used efficiently, it is incredibly effective up-close, especially in multiplayer, it can bring nearby targets down more quickly than the standard fire mode. It can kill players in one hit in multiplayer at fair ranges, and outperforms even dedicated close-range weapons in the hands of a skilled user.

Like the Reaper Cannon, the Incinerator, the X-PAC mortar, and the Bolt Sniper, it can reduce the player's field of view.

In-Game Stats (Crysis 3)[]

Accuracy: 6

Rate of Fire: 7

Mobility: 3

Damage: 4

Range: 5

Stability: 4


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