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The Pistol in Crysis is a sidearm developed by the BBauer company. It appears to be very popular, as both the KPA and US forces have adopted it.

The Pistol can be found in the hands of combat-unready enemies and enemies that have no time to reload their primary weapons. It can also be found in the hands of Nanosuit-equipped US soldiers and marines and as a side-arm for pilots, such as Sean O'Neill.



The Pistol is a well-balanced side-arm and is, by-far the most powerful pistol in the game; it has a large magazine for a handgun, and is particularly accurate when aiming down the sights. The player should be aware of their ammunition however, as the pistol still has a relatively small magazine compared to other weapons.

The Pistol also has a burst fire mode, where each trigger pull results in the gun firing two bullets. This can be particularly effective in close quarters combat or when dual wielding pistols.

Dual-wielding pistols allows the player to trade accuracy for power, and effectively doubling the rate of fire and magazine size. The player cannot use iron sights while dual-wielding, though Strength mode allows the pistols to be fired more accurately. The player may also attach a laser sight and change the aiming crosshair to a dot for more accuracy. If the player does not want to dual-wield, the player may press the drop weapon button (default J) to drop a pistol. It is desirable if the player wants to be stealthy and use the ironsights for maximum accuracy.

The silencer is a useful attachment for the pistol, allowing the player to call upon an accurate silenced weapon without having to modify their primary weapon.


  • The company BBauer was changed via retroactive continuity into "Bauer and Kopka" in Crysis 2.
  • In the in-game files, Pistol is being reffered to by "SOCOM", which combined with the suppressor and general visual design strongly suggests that it was based off of the real-life H&K Mk.23 offensive handgun. It is also identical to the M12 Nova pistol from Crysis 2, which combined with the 20 round capacity indicates that it is chambered in 9mm. This is reinforced by spent casings ejected in-game which are clearly short and aren't necked like 4.6x30mm casing. All this is to suggest that Pistol can effectively be called M12 Nova as there are virtually no differences between the two other than the Mk.23 style lettering inscribed on the Crysis 2 M12 slide.
  • If ammo supply is fully depleted and suppresor is attached it can be observed that the suppressor is not centered on the barrel.


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