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Crysis 2 prism

In-game image of Prism.

The Prism is Crynet's main base of operations, located on Roosevelt Island in New York City.

Crysis 2[]

The Prism houses one of the Crynet founders Jacob Hargreave himself, who is hidden behind his office.

In Crysis 2Alcatraz is captured by C.E.L.L. after having killed Commander Lockhart, who was overriding Hargreave's original orders to bring in Alcatraz alive. Alcatraz is prepped in a surgery room where Crynet staff attempt to remove the Nanosuit 2, but to no avail, and eventually C.E.L.L. Lieutenant Tara Strickland rescues Alcatraz and reveals that she is an undercover CIA agent.

Alcatraz eventually makes his way to Hargreave's office, which houses various earlier Nanosuit projects including the Nanosuit from Crysis. Hargreave is not seen in this office until he begins to unlock a secret door behind his desk, revealing his century old body resting in a tube. Before Alcatraz could leave the Prism, Hargreave hands out a syringe containing the "Tunguska Iteration" that would add a final upgrade to the Nanosuit 2.

The Prism is destroyed in a self-destruct sequence initiated by Hargreave in order to prevent the Ceph from stealing any technology from Crynet. The destruction of the base also kills Hargreave in the process.


Prism is one of five Crysis 2 Multiplayer maps acquired in the Decimation map pack. It is based on the facility that is seen in the Singleplayer campaign. The map contains an underground bunker with narrow hallways and tight doorways.