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The Radar Kit is a Multiplayer Utility that allows the user to see otherwise hidden targets. When the player uses one, all team mates will also have the enemies in their vicinity displayed. The device appears in Crysis Wars.


A small portable radar, used for tracking enemies that usually are not shown on radar. The Radar Kit is connected to all the Teammate's Nanosuit's and everyone will have their enemies tagged. It takes about 10 seconds to scan, giving you 5 Prestige Points per enemy (vehicles do not count), and will last for 60 seconds, after which the enemies will become invisible again. The Radar Kit is also available in single player through the use of console commands.


The Radar Kit is a very handy tool as it can help you protect very important facilities, like the War Factories and the Prototype Factory, which are the most targeted. Your teammates will also have their enemies tagged giving an indespensable help for all the Team. You will gain Prestige Points for each scan.


The Radar Kit gives you Prestige Points only for enemies that can be seen on your Minimap. You can gain more PP only if the Radar Scan quits after 60 seconds. The process is quite lengthy, so stealth is required, especially if you are guarding the Prototype Factory.