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The Reaper Cannon is a weapon featured in Crysis 3. It serves as an alien minigun, by shooting plasma bolts at a high rate of fire. Used by Devastators along with the X-PAC Mortar. The weapon reduces the players field of vision.


The weapon has 2 fire modes; the first being the aforementioned minigun-like firing mechanism, and the second being a shotgun-esque spread shot, similar to the Pinch Rifle.

As a minigun-type weapon, it has a 'spin-up' time, meaning the user will have to hold the trigger down for a moment before it actually starts firing. It has surprisingly good accuracy for a full-auto weapon.

In-Game Stats (Crysis 3)[]

Accuracy: 2

Rate of Fire: 4

Mobility: 1

Damage: 6

Range: 6

Stability: 2


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