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Recordings contain the various blackboxes that can be found throughout Crysis 3. They are all located under the "Recordings" tab in the correspondence database in Crysis 3. Recordings are a subset of all Correspondences in the game.


Blackbox CPID 103-01.116-108#110-40A[]

- Heads on a swivel - watch and shoot. If we do have company let's make short work of 'em.
- Anyone dumb enough to stroll in here is asking to be killed.
- Be happy to oblige!
- Look - over there!
- What do we got!?
- A arrow cache!
- Secure the area!
- This area ain't so secure!
- Contact!
- Cover and shoot! Cover and - ARGH!

Blackbox CPID 41-40/40.99-104#114-41P[]

- Come on! You want some more!?
- Suppressive fire! Somebody shoot that son of a bitch!
- Come on! I could do this all day and night!
- We're taking heavy losses!
- Just hang in there!
- I'm out - need fresh mags!
- Here.
- Come out and play you bastards!
- I'm moving up - cover me!
- He'll blast you to shit!
- Cover me!
- You want to play!? See you in Hell!

Welcome To The Jungle[]

Blackbox CPID 111-46/108.101-110#93-41T[]

- They're all over us!
- Need backup - now! We won't last much longer!
- Johnny's down - it ripped his fuckin' throat out!
- Stay in the fuckin' fight! Don't let - Ahh! Goddamit! Get it off! Get it off! Shoot it!
- I don't have a shot!
- Just fuckin shoot! Shoot! Shoo -
- It's down...
- ...God dammit... Fuck! Don't leave me like this...
- Sir!?
- I don't want to be alive for it... do it!

Blackbox CPID 32-49/48.51-34#41-119L[]

- There's too many of them!
- Grow some fuckin' balls and get in the fight!
- It ain't a fight it's a fuckin' slaughter!
- Get out there - that's an order!
- That's suicide!
- I got no room on my team for cowards!
- The team's splattered all over the place!
- Your brains will be splattered all over the place if you don't get your ass out there!
- I'm not goin' out there!
- Fair enough.

The Root Of All Evil[]

Blackbox CPID 62-110.41-99#111-117N[]

- Got eyes on - Ceph in front of the pipe entrance. Engage!
- Ceph down - but I'm hit...more incoming. Need backup...Can't let 'em through the conduit...they'll breach HQ...

Blackbox CPID 105-61.48-59#115-116C[]

- Water's coming down! Brace yourselves!
- Stay above water as long as possible!
- Oh God this is it - this is it!
- Stay calm! Ditch your gear, ditch your gear!
[panicked drowning noises]
- Save your breath...Save your breath.

Blackbox CPID 114-115.116-114#109-32D[]

- Watch your corners. Resistance will be high.
- You hear that!?
- Guns up - kill anything that moves!
- Smoke grenade!
- Fuck I can't see!
- You bastards are trespassin'! But while you're here - let me show you some hospitality.
- Fire! Fire!
- With pleasure!

Safeties Off[]

Blackbox CPID 32-52/52.32-51#56-32G[]

- Still no sign of him.
- He's like a lethal ghost with that suit.
- Wait till we get him to the lab. See how tough he is without it.
- What was that!?
- One of our guys?
- They know better.
- Could be Prophet.
- He knows better.
- The Hell could it be then?

Blackbox CPID 46-99/95.115-116#114-41R[]

- Contact! Look out!

Blackbox CPID 49-56/32.57-57#32-49I[]

- I need some action.
- Careful what you wish for.
- He's right - we weren't trained to guard a building.
- Put a lid on it. Lotsa guys would kill to get this assignment.
- How about I kill you to get out of it!?
- The fuck!?
- Grenade!
- You bastards put me through hell. I'm here to return the favour.
- Oh yeah? And what are you gonna' do!?
- Reassign you Hell.

Blackbox CPID 120-40/34.49-48#32-51E[]

- We're under attack! The lab's been breached!
- Jesus - they're pissed!
- Wipe 'em all out - don't let 'em get down the stairs!
- On it!
- I'll hang back and - AHH...AHH!
- Shit - get it off, get it off!
- I'm hit...
- I had no shot. It moved.
- Help me...
- Sorry brother -

Red Star Rising[]

Blackbox CPID 104-105.108-40#120-62M[]

- Got eyes on a Pinger! Close the gate - don't let anymore of them through!
- Roger!
- I'll take it out myself.
- Fuck - I'm out of ammo! Hurry!
- Stoppage! Cover me! Cover -

Blackbox CPID 116-60/60.40-99#104-114O[]

- Move to the vehicle - let's go! We gotta get out of here!
- Haul ass! Haul a -

Blackbox CPID 94-111/91.105-43#43-37S[]

- Don't let up - kill 'em all!
- We got 'em! That' all of 'em!
- How many we lose!?
- ...Almost everyone.
- Fuck. Let's regroup before more of 'em show...Holy shit! It's moving! Behind you!
- Shoot it!...Shoot it!
- I'm out of mags. Fuck!...Fuck-

Only Human[]

Blackbox CPID 54-32/53.53-32#51-51F[]

- Conserve your ammo - save it for whatever else they got.
- Ceph on the turret!
- Adjust fire - get guns on it!
- Advancing - gonna take it -
- Shit - man down!
- Come on! Come on! Hang in there!
- ...Take it out...I ain't gonna make it. I ain't gonna -

Blackbox CPID 97-116.111-105#40-110Q[]

- Actual - has enemy contact been made?
- Anything?
- Still no sign of him.
- Wait - you see that, over there...
- I don't see anything...
- Something moved...
- AHHH - it burns! It fuckin' burns...put it out...put it out...

Gods and Monsters[]

Blackbox CPID 49-50/51.32-49#49-54K[]

- We need to evac before the Archangel wipes us all out.
- Let's move!
- Let's take out these alien-fucks first!
- Fucking die!

Blackbox CPID 99-105.110-44#111-41B[]

- Fuck it - it's going down. It's going down. This is it!

Blackbox CPID 51-55/32.49-56#32-49H[]

- Someone's looking out for us. Survive the crash and now we find these.
- Lucky mother fuckers.
- Hell yeah!
- Oh shit - it's shiftin' - it's comin' down!
- Move! Move!

Blackbox CPID 50-50/32.49-49#55-32J[]

- We made it...we made it.
- We gotta regroup. Link up with anyone who's left.
- We just survived a building collapse. I need a breather.
- What if something else gets us?
- Nothing's gonna-
- Ahh - fuck!