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The Repair Torch is a multiplayer tool used for repairing all types of vehicles and automated turrets. It appears in Crysis and Crysis Wars multiplayer.


The Repair Torch is a portable torch that can repair a vehicle and automated turrets with a speed of about 2-3% of health per second. The Torch can repair all types of vehicles and automated turrets, although the speed of repair is the same at all vehicles. The player can repair only his own and ally vehicles and automated turrets. The Repair Torch is scripted to work only in Multiplayer, and does not operate in Singleplayer.


The Torch can repair all damage at a very fast rate, removing the need to change vehicles and automated turrets very often. The player can also repair an Ally vehicle, and automated turrets making it a very important weapon in battle. Repairing an Ally Vehicle and automated turrets will give you prestige points in MP games.


The player can only repair a vehicle from the outside and this leaves him vulnerable to enemy fire. Even though you can Cloak yourself, this will not save you if you have a weak vehicle, as they can be destroyed in a single rocket shot, killing you in the process.


  • The particle effect used for the Repair Torch is the same used for the Signal Flares often found in Singleplayer.