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The Resistance was an underground movement created to fight against CryNet Enforcement & Local Logistics and his tyrannical rule over Earth.


After CELL obtained a global energy monopoly, thanks to the captured Alpha Ceph, gained a monopoly over the power supply, and used it to drive everyone into debt. Those who could not pay were sent to "volunteer camps." His founder, Karl Ernst Rasch, attempted to change the company's course, but was thrown out. Without alternatives, he became the founding leader of the Resistance, creating an effective fighting force against CELL. Composed by american ex soldiers, like United States Marine Corps members, several CryNet Nanosuit users, and even disappointed CELL mercenaries, quickly become a real army, taking the New York City's neighborhood of Yonkers. In 2034, they were preparing to atack the NYC Liberty Dome to kill the Alpha Ceph. The british stealth destroyer Robin Hood's captain, Cyrus Harper, sent to bombard them, changed sides and attempted to assist them... but CELL advanced them: They blowned the destroyer with a shoot of Archangel's orbital platform, and later launched a massive air and ground attack against the Resistance forces, crushing them. Most were killed, but the Resistance survived. Months later, one of their groups managed to rescue the captured Nanosuit soldier Prophet, assisting him to attack the Dome. Rasch was killed, but Prophet managed to kill the Alpha Ceph, puting an end to CELL's tyranny.