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Lost island rhino

Rhino promotional picture

The Rhino is a semi-automatic shotgun from the Crysis 3 DLC, The Lost Island. This weapon looks similar to the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.

Manufacturer: Senchai

Caliber: 12 gauge


The Rhino uses the same ammunition as the Marshall shotgun, and almost equals the fire rate of the Alpha Jackal auto-shotgun.

The stopping power of this shotgun is surprising at short range. One shot from about 0-9 meters will be a guaranteed kill against an enemy with no armor, and two or three shots against someone with armor. The default magazine size for the Rhino is 15 per clip, and can be increased with the Extended magazine attachment. 


Accuracy: 3

Rate of fire: 8

Mobility: 5

Damage: 8

Range: 2

Stability: 2


  • Extended Magazine
  • Iron sights
  • Laser sight
  • Reflex sight


  • In multiplayer, many server admins automatically kick any player that is using a Rhino. Repeated use on these servers could lead to a ban, so it is advised that you avoid using the Rhino on servers that don't explicitly allow all weapons.
  • The Rhino appears to be modeled after the Kel-Tec KSG line of shotguns.
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