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"I'm not gonna sit around and hypothesize while the safety of our planet is at stake."
―Admiral Morrison supporting the need to respond to the Ceph.

Admiral Richard Morrison was the head officer stationed on the USS Constitution, a U.S. aircraft carrier stationed near the Lingshan Islands during the events of Crysis, in formation with other naval vessels. He was a strong man and had a dislike for Raptor Team due to them constantly taking risks. Usually, a person who messed around often while under Morrison's command ended up in the brig.


Morrison helped direct US forces during the invasion of the Lingshan Islands. Later, after the Ice Sphere forms, he is granted authorization from the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff to use nuclear force against the Ice Sphere. Helena Rosenthal attempted to convince him that the aliens feed on energy and that it was unwise to use nuclear weapons. A realistic man, the Admiral ignores her as he feels that she didn't have enough proof to back up her theory and decides to take a chance, an unusual act as Morrison rarely ever took chances (which led him to dislike Raptor Team's bold nature). Ironically and tragically, this act would seal Morrison's fate.

Once the nukes are launched from the Constitution and hit the center of the Ice Sphere, the Sphere expands as it absorbs this massive energy boost, sending a wave of energy that is felt at the Constitution. The aliens then launched a massive counterattack on the carrier strike group. Morrison survives the initial wave and instructs Nomad to help with a damaged nuclear reactor. When prompted, Morrison refused to leave the ship and when Nomad returns, Morrison was killed by a Ceph Trooper. Nomad attempted to save him by prying him from the debris, but it was too late. Nomad then had no choice but to leave his body on the Constitution as it sank.


"You want guarantees, buy a toaster."
―Admiral Morrison dismissing Helena's theory about the aliens.

"I am NOT leaving this ship!!"
―Admiral Morrison refusing to leave the ship.

"Nomad...You've got to save these people...Get out on deck...Go!"
―Admiral Morrison's last words.


  • Admiral Morrison is voiced by William Roberts.
  • The 4 stars on Richard Morrison's uniform denote the rank of full Admiral, the highest US Navy Officer rank aside from Fleet Admiral/Admiral of the Navy. The Navy would most likely send a Rear or Vice Admiral according to the plot's situation. This was, however, most likely a design oversight.
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