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The SCARAB or the Mk.21 Superior Combat Assault rifle, was introduced in 2018 and manufactured by US-based Scrutch Industries, the SCARAB is a more compact, flat-top carbine variant of the SCAR assault rifle. It appears in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.


The following text is taken from Weapon Focus section of the official Crysis website (now dead):


Introduced in 2018 and manufactured by US-based Scrutch Industries, the SCARAB is a more compact, flat-top carbine variant of the SCAR assault rifle. Utilizing advanced rifle cartridges that are smaller than the previous 5.56mm rounds, the SCARAB offers increased ammunition storage per-magazine with zero impact on combat effectiveness. The SCARAB differs from the SCAR in its shorter barrel, which optimizes the weapon for close-quarter combat, and a higher cyclic rate of 900 rounds per minute compared to 700 on the SCAR.

Part of the Superior Combat Assault Rifle weapon family comprising the SCARAB, the larger SCAR assault rifle, and the SCARE sniper variant, the weapon is mainly used by US Special Forces. Recently, the SCARAB has also seen extensive deployment in the police and private sector. It is a valuable alternative to submachine guns, offering a compact design without sacrificing fire-power.

The weapon can mount a variety of attachments including a silencer, under barrel shotgun, and combat scopes, making it excel at close quarters combat while offering the versatility to adapt to new combat situations on the fly.[1]

Crysis 2[]


SCARAB is the first rifle the player will find, and also the most versatile. It is also the only one which can mount a silencer, making it invaluable for players who prefer the stealthy approach. A single bullet fired from the silenced SCARAB will drain about 40% of player's Energy when cloaked. It has higher movement speed than the SCAR, and the higher rate of fire can help out in close range, but the SCAR does more damage, is slightly more accurate, and has longer range. C.E.L.L. soldiers use the SCARAB a lot, so finding ammo should not be a problem if there are no ammunition cache.

The SCARAB can not be equipped with an Assault Scope or Sniper Scope. Since it is also the only assault rifle to equip a silencer, this means you are no longer capable of the deadly combination of scope and silencer, which was so useful in the first Crysis, unless you use the sniper rifle, the DSG-1. That being said, the reflex sight is still very accurate, and if you have good enough eyes, you can still (carefully) headshot enemies from great distances. If an enemy is extremely far away, the AI may not even register hits, allowing you to simply get 5-ish body shots to kill them in complete safety.


In multiplayer, the SCARAB is purchasable at rank 27.

In Multiplayer, the player will unlock a C.E.L.L. camouflage for the SCARAB after the third Reboot.



  • Accuracy: 5
  • Rate of fire: 8
  • Mobility: 5
  • Damage: 4
  • Range: 5

Crysis 3[]

SCARAB returns in Crysis 3 as SCARAB Mod 2. As in Crysis 2, it uses 4mm Sabot Scar ammunition, and has a higher rate of fire, with slightly worse handling and accuracy over long distance.

The most standout feature of the SCARAB among all of crysis 3's rifles is the ability to take the rifle laser sight. Other, less obvious features, include the slightly shorter reload time compared to the SCAR, and moderately more accurate hip fire accuracy at short range. Damage wise, the SCARAB deals about 20% less damage per bullet compared to the SCAR, while incurring damage drop off past medium ranges, but the SCARAB more than makes up for this with its 900 RPM, vs the SCAR's 700 RPM. In short, you'll be firing much more, at a shorter range, sure. while spending less time reloading, and hitting more shots on enemies that venture within the short and medium range sweetspot.

However, crysis 3's singleplayer campaign features much longer ranges than the second game, and this frequently works against the SCARAB. What would be half a dozen cartridges with the SCAR to kill a CELL operative, or a single tap with the grendel, easily becomes a 20+ cartridge exchange with the SCARAB, which on higher difficulties will always invite enemy repositioning and grenades. The SCARAB is a carbine, and should be treated as such at all times.

While the SCARAB can do most everything the SCAR can in a pinch (similar to how the SCAR can do most everything the SCARAB can in a pinch), including equipping the assault scope, one should still endeavour to take advantage of its pros, rather than try to make it excel at jobs it wasn't meant to do. The extended magazine, the laser sight, and foregrip all add immensely to its role as a medium-range cleaner. If you don't mind the extra draw time, or don't frequently switch weapon, it's recommended to finish any customization with the muzzle break, to ensure even more of your bullets land on targets. If faced with dug in enemies, or enemies at long range, it's much smarter to close the distance and dispatch them at SCARAB's effective range, than try to poke them to death from long range. The basic CELL trooper can withstand upwards of 7 bullets from distances where you'd need the assault scope, but will die to 3 lower torso bullets within effective range.


  • Iron Sights
  • Reflex Sight (mission 1)
  • Assault Scope (mission 2)
  • Rifle Laser Sight (mission 2)
  • Semi-auto (default)
  • Foregrip (mission 2)
  • Extended Magazine (80 round capacity, but slightly longer reload time, and greatly increased weapon draw time) (mission 2)
  • Mini Typhoon (mission 4)
  • Silencer (mission 2)
  • Muzzle Brake (mission 4)
  • Bayonet (mission 4)


All Attachments are unlocked at Weapon Levels. Below is a list of attachments available for this weapon and the level they are unlocked at.    

Level Attachment Unlocked

  1. 1 Iron Sights 0 Kills
  2. 2 Reflex Sight 10 Kills
  3. 3 Suppressor 25 Kills
  4. 4 Foregrip 50 Kills
  5. 5 Assault Scope 100 Kills
  6. 6 Muzzle Brake 150 Kills
  7. 7 Match Barrel 100 Kills
  8. 8 Extended Magazine 250 Kills
  9. 9 Rifle Laser Sight 300 Kills
  10. 10 Hologram 350 Kills
  11. Max Mini Typhoon/Gauss Attachment 500 Kills


  • The SCARAB and SCAR have the same ammo type in-game for both Crysis 2 and Crysis 3; meaning that if the player is using a SCAR for example, they will pick up ammo from dropped SCARABs and vice versa.
  • Visually the only difference the SCARAB has from the SCAR is a flat-top receiver, redesigned handguard, and a different stock.
  • The C.E.L.L. version of the SCARAB appears to have some form of arctic/digital camouflage applied to it, whereas the USMC version is Black and OD Green.
  • The SCARAB rivals with the original SCAR as the standard C.E.L.L. assault rifle. Strangely, it is very rare or even impossible to see C.E.L.L. operatives armed with SCARAB's fighting alongside C.E.L.L. operatives armed with SCAR´s.
  • During Crysis Legion, Alcatraz sometimes refers to the SCARAB as simply "scarab" with no capitalization.
  • In crysis 2, when you see through the Visor, the icon of the SCARAB is the same of the SCAR.


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