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Self-destruction is a feature used by virtually all Alien war machines. It is used to prevent humans as well as any other enemies from finding the secrets of their technology. It is also used as the last method to destroy their enemies.

Hunter self-destruct

Hunter's Self-Destruct sequence


The self-destruct mechanism is a weapon-type triggering mechanism that causes a machine (regardless of type) to explode, dealing damage within a close proximity. It activates when an Alien war machine is destroyed, and requires several seconds to charge. Once charged, the exosuit detonates, exploding and shattering into shrapnel-like pieces.

The power of the explosion differs by the size and type of the alien unit. Troopers have the smallest but very powerful self-destruction, while Hunters have the most powerful self-destruction sequence. In Crysis Warhead, an Alien Scout didn't self-destruct, thus making it extremely valuable for studying purposes (Which is why the KPA desired to obtain it so much, as well as US military in order to stop KPA from obtaining it)

It is assumed that the reasons for the self-destruct mechanism's installation in alien weaponry is to both harm any enemies nearby and to not allow reverse-engineering of their technology.


Self-destruction takes several seconds to charge so it can be easily avoided by sprinting in Speed Mode. The Red Hunter in Crysis Warhead has the most powerful known self-destruct as it requires the player to get to a distance of about 60m to avoid damage.

Red Hunter dead

Red Hunter after Self-Destruct


  • In Reckoning the Troopers inside the hangars strangely didn't self-destruct. However it is generally assumed this is so because the developers did not want this to happen because of many areas inside USS Constitution are small, making it less likely for player to survive powerful self-destructions caused by Troopers.
  • The Warrior seems to not have this feature, although the final explosion may be its own self-destruction.
  • The Red Hunter has the most powerful self-destruction, due to its massive blast radius and damage.
  • In Crysis 2 the aliens do not self-destruct their weaponry anymore. Its strange because without it humans can easily get their technology.