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Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery are the primary ground-based anti-air defense used by KPA and US forces.


AAAs appear similar to tanks in that they are armored and have treads and a turret, but instead of a long main gun, they have four small autocannons and a rotating radar dish.


The primary armaments are the four rapid-fire autocannons that deliver decent damage to any airborne enemy. However, these cannons are relatively ineffective at dispatching ground troops and vehicles because of the weapon's pitch limit. AAAs are also equipped with surface-to-air missiles, which cause greater damage than the primary guns.


During singleplayer, the KPA use AAAs to halt and disrupt the usage of US air strikes and troop transport. The AAAs are also used by the player to kill Ceph Scouts later in the game. In general, AAAs should be used only to dispatch to the enemy air units, as it is often difficult to hit from the  ground guns.


C4 A single C4 will destroy an AAA and, as AAAs are non-threatening to ground troops, the area is safe unless enemy ground forces protect the AAA. Using C4 will also conserve more valuable explosives such as missiles.
Missiles AAAs are very vulnerable to missiles, taking between one and two missiles to destroy. However, as they are usually stationary targets, other explosives may be preferable.
MOAR Like most vehicles, the MOAR will instantly freeze the AAA, which allows any damage to shatter it.
Tank cannons Tanks are generally an effective means of destroying any type of vehicle, including the AAA.
Grenades AAAs are invulnerable to grenades from the front, but there is the "rear" component that can be damaged by grenades and upon its damage reached 100%, AAA is destroyed.

AAAs are immune to gunfire.


  • Crysis AAA is based on 2K22 Tunguska due to the similarities in their hulls, turrets, autocannons and missile launchers. However, the number of its autocannons is the same as Type 95 SPAAA.
  • In Pre-Crysis version, SPAAA was based on Chinese Type 95 SPAAA.
  • Their extensive appearances on the island, plus the fact that the island in South China Sea was not seized by a much closer China, may indicate that North Korea has a military alliance with China.
  • SPAAA can be equipped with quad gauss cannons through some modifications.
  • Triple A's can be destroyed with red explosive barrels. It takes 1-2 barrels to destroy.


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