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A shark about to finish off its prey in Recovery.

Sharks (superorder Selachimorpha) are large, carnivorous fish with a full cartilaginous skeleton and a highly streamlined body. In Crysis, they are seen patrolling the waters surrounding the Lingshan Island and serves as level boundaries to prevent players from wandering off.


All sharks in Crysis seem to be great white sharks. They are about 5-6 meters long and swim very fast though can only swim forward. A shark bite in Crysis is deadly, causing up to 500 damage in a single bite. They can be found in "Contact" and "Recovery", where if the player travels into the ocean beyond the islands, one will appear and attack.


Stay away from water. If you spot one then you should turn speed mode on and swim back to the shore, do not mine about surviving a bite, a single bite will normally kill you in any Nanosuit modes. Shooting them is not a good idea, as sharks are very tough, each with health of 3000, a half of a Hunter, and you require a platform to fire, which is hard to find.


  • Sharks sometimes swim on shore and move strangely with problem in moving.
  • Sharks can fly, mostly in case of the player has escaped the area or it has already bit the player. They will fly away, to somewhere else.
  • Sharks attack by animation, and do not regard distances, which means that upon sharks finish the biting animation, player will take damage, no matter the range.