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Shi Ten is a common stationary light machine gun found in various locations in Crysis and Crysis Warhead. It is mostly mounted on the HMLTV-998 Bulldog and small boats, but it can also be found in various checkpoints and defensive locations.


  • The Shi Ten can kill most enemy units in a few shots.
  • It has unlimited ammo, meaning that it's reusable and saves ammo.
  • It can be used to snipe enemies at long distances.


  • Besides being immovable and having limited vision, the Shi Ten overheats quickly and takes some time to cool down.
  • Its recoil makes it harder to aim accurately, and the player is vulnerable to enemy fire. However, this can be countered by using strength mode, which strangely doesn't cause nanosuit energy to be rapidly depleted. This is generally not advised as the player is much more vulnerable this way, especially on higher difficulties.


  • The Shi Ten has the same damage as the SCAR in Crysis Warhead, meaning it can kill a normal KPA in 2-3 shots.


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