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Shore Leave
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Shore Leave
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Shore Leave is the second level of Crysis Warhead. It centers on Psycho retrieving a camera from O'Neill's crashed jet, and his mission to the container and find out what is inside.


The level starts with Emerson showing the container being loaded in the docks. Psycho has to retrieve the camera from O'Neill's crashed jet. Fighting his way down the valley and he successfully secures the crashed jet and takes the camera. After securing the camera he goes and saves O'Neil, and they fight their way on a coastal road in a LTV and ASV. After reaching a point of the road the VTOL that was meant to rescue O'Neill is damaged by a KPA helicopter and has to land for a repair. After O'Neil and Psycho reach the landing zone they help VTOL's pilots and passengers fight off the attacking KPA.

After protecting the VTOL, Emerson orders Psycho to go to the Harbor and secure the container, that is already loaded on a KPA submarine. After reaching the harbor O'Neil helps Psycho by opening the doors of the Submarine, but cause a Code Blue, and is ordered to RTB. After reaching and entering the submarine Psycho learns that the Container is holding a Scout, not a nuclear warhead as thought initially, but just before Psycho could do anything, the Scout's pilot comes out and triggers an EMP-blast, knocking Psycho unconscious. Once he wakes up he finds himself captured and has a conversation with Lee, who begins torturing Psycho with an electronic shocking device. When Lee leaves his KPA soldiers to execute Psycho only to be stopped by the expanding Ice Sphere. Psycho however is able to cover his face in the last second. At the end an Audio Log shows how O'Neil got the Code Blue, 4 years ago.





  • The Frog is located under a flipped boat near the shore, at the first house you see after reaching and securing the VTOL.