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Sierra Team is a fighter unit in Crysis Warhead, whose notable member includes Sean O'Neill.


  • Sierra 3
  • Unknown other fighters/pilots.


Seashore Airstrike

One of Sierra Team's fighter dropping heat decoys before bombardment in "Call me Ishmael"

They are first mentioned by Commander Emerson after Psycho wakes up from an EMP blast caused by KPA to stop a Scout they hope to capture. He is ordered to link up with them and be there ACM for the airstrike. It is revealed that Sierra 2 is Sean O'Neil, Psycho's old friend. Once Psycho reaches the shore, Sierra Team appears and launches several bombs along the beach. They also attack a KPN cruiser, and one of the jets is seen crashing into the water. Sierra 3 is reallocated to another target, while Sierra 2 gives Psycho ground support.

As Psycho fights his way to a hotel, O'Neill helps find several strategically important MIL-Net connections and weapon caches. After he secures the hotel, he is seen outmaneuvering 2 Su-27s chasing after him. He drops some bombs and continues the runaway, only to be hit by a missile, and crashes in the forest, leaving his fighter vulnerable to be captured.