AY69, FY71, Pistol, SCAR, SMG


Mutes gun, no muzzle flash

The Silencer is an attachment in the Crysis games. It completely silences all of the gunfire from a weapon. It trades this for a great increase in damage drop over distances.


The Silencer is used in conjunction with the SCAR, FY71, SMG, AY69, and the Pistol.


The Silencer should be used when you wish to quietly infiltrate an area. While enemies will usually take notice of an enemy dying (depending on where the victim is), the lack of audible gunfire will make it impossible for them to determine exactly where you are, making it easier to set up surprise attacks.

Because of the major damage decrease over range, the Silencer should not be used past close range. Attempting to use it at long range will neuter a weapon's power so greatly that it will usually take at minimum half of a weapon's magazine to kill a regular trooper. In order to save ammunition, equip a Sniper Scope (Assault Scope is fine too) and aim for the head.

The Ceph seem to be unaffected by the Silencer's effects, which, combined with the Silencer's damage reducing effects, makes it completely worthless.


The silencer allows you to do stealth operations, granting the ability to defeat enemies without being spotted. In Crysis 2, the silencer allows the player to shoot and still remain cloaked, with a small price of twenty energy points per shot for silenced pistols, thirty points per shot for a silenced Feline or SCARAB, and eighty points for a silened DSG-1. This makes the silencer a worthy attachment for dispatching human enemies in a heavily populated base or area. It is recommended to use semi-automatic modes on these weapons, in order to avoid accidentally firing a burst and losing too much energy.

The silencer is available for the SCARAB, DSG-1, Marshall and FY71.

The pistol silencer is available for the M12 Nova, Hammer and Feline.


The silencer decreases the damage of the weapon with the attachment over distances and is only effective at close range.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a glitch in Crysis 2 in which the pistol silencer locks automatically, even if you already unlocked it. This prevents the 100% completion of the game.
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