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The Singularity Cannon is a weapon used by the Ceph. It fires a Black-Hole projectile that absorbs objects of a certain size inside upon impact and explosion.


The Singularity Cannon is used by Scouts, Hunters, the Warrior and Singularity Tank. Singularity Cannons only appear visible on The Warrior, Singularity Tank. They have short or no barrel at all, while they have a muzzle break-like attachments around the muzzle, which move outward when charging. Singularity Cannons on tanks have a long barrel-like parts with cable around them connecting to the muzzle, its muzzlebreak does not move while firing.

Singularity Cannons on Warrior, and Tanks also have beam while firing, they warn attackers to beware about the incoming projectiles. The power of the cannon depends on who is firing it. Scouts and Hunters have weaker Singularity Cannons compared to the Warrior, Singularity Tank, and The Warship. Hunters fire their Singularity Cannons from their mount and Scouts fire from near MOAC.


The Singularity Cannon is a very powerful weapon capable of destroying multiple targets in one shot, as well it is a Base Destroying Weapon in Multiplayer. The Cannon has a relatively long range and is good for Medium to Long Range shots. The fact that it has unlimited ammo gives it a higher advantage over the TAC tank.


The Cannon takes a few seconds to spin up and may leave an opening for the enemy. The reload is slow and you are left vulnerable. Furthermore, the aiming beam always gives away the wielding player's position.


  • The Tank's Singularity Cannon is the third most powerful weapon in Crysis, after the Warrior's Singularity Cannon and the most powerful being the TAC Cannon.


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