Small boat
Small boat
Production information
Physical specifications
Technical specifications

Driver, Gunner, 7 Passengers


Machine gun: ∞


Small boats are smaller than Patrol boats but are also commonly used in patrols.


Small boats are similar in shape to Civilian Speedboats, but are slightly longer due to it having a military role. In singleplayer, they are dark green when used by both the KPA and the US forces. In multiplayer, they are light blue when used by the KPA.


Us smallboat

Concept art

Small boats possess a machine gun in front, but have no other armaments and its passengers cannot shoot.


In singleplayer, the KPA commonly uses small boats to patrol the shoreline. They will also use them to drop off troops to reinforce areas under attack by the player.

With their carrying capacity of 9, small boats are good for transporting troops. The machine gun can harass enemies, but is not suitable for combat.

Combat Edit

APC APCs will destroy the boat very quickly.
Grenades Assuming that the boat is close to land, projectile grenades can deal good damage to the boat, which takes two to destroy.
Gunfire The boat has little protection against gunfire. Automatic fire will destroy it quickly.
Missiles One missile will destroy the boat.
MOAC The MOAC destroys the boat very quickly.
MOAR Like most vehicles, the MOAR will instantly freeze the boat, which allows any damage to shatter it.
Tank cannons One hit will destroy the boat.
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