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Smart Missile is an automatically guided missile launcher used by the Ceph. Found in Crysis Warhead.



Blue Hunter launching missiles at Psycho.

Smart Missiles are rounded, electrical missiles that guide themselves toward targets. Upon impact, the missiles will explode electrically, like plasma. The launchers are not clearly seen because they are mounted on the Red Hunter's "horns". While launching, the "horns" will pitch, upon reaching a decent degree, they begin launching missiles.


  • These missiles are destructible, but trying to shoot them can be wasteful. PAX gun and tactical attachment shots are recommended, because they have unlimited ammo.
  • Running around is another good choice because the missiles may explode on the ground away from the player. The missiles are highly accurate so you may take some damage even while running. Also the Speed Mode makes you vulnerable to attacks from other Ceph aliens.
  • Because of the high launch altitude, it is possible to take cover under a building with a roof or even behind some walls.
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