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Special Aliens are Aliens that are not used as main combat units. They have their own unique designs, unlike their generic counterparts, with the exception of the Container.


Special Aliens are versions different from the generic design. They are very rare in the game and have their own unique features.

Unique Features[]

Leader Trooper[]

The Leader Trooper is a small unit, that plays a leader role for other surrounding Troopers. It has a MOAR, and a crown like attachment on the head. It has a black body and blue theme.

Guardian Trooper[]

The Guardian Trooper is a small unit, that can shield other Troopers. It is immune to EMP Grenades, because it has an EMP Mechanism itself. It has the same design as the Leader Trooper, but with a gray body and green theme.

Orange Scout[]

The Orange Scout is a flying alien unit, like Scout, but carries bombs instead. The bombs are launched by the Gravity Bomb Launcher. The Orange Scouts do not have any other weapons, neither can they carry Troopers. They have a black body with orange theme.


The Container is a nuclear container that holds a Scout that did not self-destruct. It is the target of the US, KPA and Aliens throughout Crysis Warhead.

Red Hunter[]

The Red Hunter is a large 4-legged unit, used as heavy breakthrough and assault unit. It is spawned by the Warrior on the airfield. It has an Alien Beam replacing the MOAR and Singularity Cannon, several Alien Beam auto-turrets for all-around defense, and 2 Smart Missile Launchers on its horns. It has a black body with a red theme.