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Stealth Enhance is a singleplayer and multiplayer Nanosuit Stealth Module that increases the transition speed when entering and exiting Stealth Mode.


The module allows the player to enter and exit Stealth Mode quicker, which can allow a faster hiding when you are ambushed or trying to ambush someone. The second upgrade removes the shadow while in Stealth Mode which means that you are completely invisible to all forms of sight with the exception of Nanovision. The third upgrade decreases Stealth Mode energy drain speed which allows the player to stay cloaked twice as much. In singleplayer it is located on the Little Finger (Stealth Modules) in the Module section and is unlocked for 10.000 Nano Catalyst.

Stealth Enhance animated

Stealth Enhance being used in Multiplayer

Note: In singleplayer (and presumably with the third upgrade in multiplayer - not tested), sprinting while cloaked actually uses energy slower than sprinting while uncloaked. This is true at all times: swimming, standing, even while carrying an HMG.

This makes the Stealth Enhance upgrade much more valuable than is immediately obvious.Combining it with Mobility Enhance further increases this bonus, allowing you to sprint for approximately 16 seconds while cloaked.


  • Upgrade II - Removes shadow when Cloaked.
  • Upgrade III - Decreases Energy drain speed when Cloaked.