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The Swarmer is a multi-shot rocket launcher only available in the Crysis 2 campaign or single player and in Crysis 3 multiplayer as a support bonus, unlocked after 5 dogtags.


It is a large, bulky, box-like weapon, about the size of an ammo crate. It holds up to 64 rockets, and shoots 8 rockets at a time. It also has a laser homing function which can be used when locked on to a target. It is one of, if not the most, powerful and polyvalent weapons in the game, able to kill many lesser enemies at once and even the armored Devastators in a few salvos. It is also an effective weapon against the Ceph Gunship. To kill Devastators, 32 rockets are needed. The weapon is very rare, appearing only a total of 5 Swarmers in the entire campaign. Three appear in Semper Fi or Die, and two appear in Terminus.

Like the HMG, it greatly slows the player down, has a very limited ammunition capacity, and is difficult to aim. A salvo fired too close to the player can be lethal unless the player is in Armor mode.


Accuracy: 2

Rate of fire: 4

Mobility: 1

Damage: 4

Range: 6


  • The Swarmer's Heads Up Display icon is that of the Jackal, seen from the Visor, like the L-TAG. When picked up, the Swarmer does not show any icon.
  • In Crysis 3, the Swarmer has a Heads Up Display icon.
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