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For the tank-mounted variation, see TAC Cannon.

The TAC Gun is a prototype hand-held nuclear weapon developed by the US Navy to be used in conjuction with the Nanosuit, it is used during Crysis.


TAC Gun launches low-yield nuclear projectiles roughly the size of standard grenade-launcher rounds. They are very powerful and are capable of destroying almost any hardened target. The TAC Gun is required in Reckoning to destroy the Ceph Warrior.


The TAC Gun creates enormous explosions that can destroy several vehicles and enemies with a single shot. In multiplayer, it is required for destroying the enemies' HQ in Power Struggle. Several players use this in multiplayer to commit suicide when enemies surround them in order to kill them due to the TAC Gun's large splash radius.


The TAC Gun is ineffective at close range and will typically kill the user if they are too close to the point of impact. The round arcs as it travels, like any grenade, although aiming assistance is available see below.


  • TAC Gun has an aiming assistance, activated by holding the fire button for a short time. The targeting reticule will appear and indicate the optimum angle of fire to hit the target.
  • TAC Gun can be used to eliminate a large number of enemies at once, but should be fired from a distance to prevent the blast from killing the user.


  • The TAC Gun's damage is multiplied by 2 against most vehicles, strangely Tactical attachment has the same damage type.
  • The TAC Gun in Reckoning fires homing missile projectiles and has unlimited ammunition.
  • In Crysis Wars, TAC Gun has a flatter trajectory.
  • The TAC Gun's rounds could potentially be used in any grenade launcher due to their size.
  • The TAC Gun has a similar appearance to the PAX from Crysis Warhead.
  • If the player uses the give all cheat in single player, they can acquire a TAC that is capable of free-firing, like a grenade launcher. It is ridiculously powerful, capable of defeating any target with a single round, and the overwhelming splash damage can also clear the area of additional targets.


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