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Tac nuke

TAC Tank in action

The TAC Tank is a M5A2 or T-108 Tank modified with the TAC Cannon. It plays the main role in Multiplayer games, as the main base destroyer.


The overall appearance of the Tank is that of the normal US (M5A2) or KPA (T-108) Tanks. With the sole exception of having the TAC Cannon instead of the normal Tank Cannon.


The TAC Tank is equipped with the most powerful weapon ingame, the TAC Cannon. It also has a Machine Gun on the Cannon, and an MG turret on the Cannon Turret.


The TAC Tank is very resilient to its own damage and can withstand even a close proximity shot, only if has full health.


The Tank is resillient but not immune to its own damage, and a close proximity shot if the Tank is crippled will result in immediate destruction. Allies are not immune to its damage.

MOAR Just like most vehicles the TAC Tank can be frozen and shattered with the MOAR.
Missiles The TAC Tank can be destroyed by 4 direct missile shots.
Tank Cannons The TAC Tank can withstand 3 direct Tank Cannon shots.
Grenades Grenades do lesser damage than missiles.
Gauss Rifles The Gauss Rifle does almost no damage to the Tank.
Gunfire The Tank is immune to gunfire.