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The Tactical attachment is an attachment in both Crysis and Crysis Warhead. It is a device that is put on the underside of a gun and enables temporarily paralyzing darts to be fired. Once the player is captured by the KPA, the tactical attachment is never found later in the game.


The Tactical attachment is used in conjunction with the SCAR and FY71.


The Tactical attachment can silently disable enemies with one hit on any part of the body, making it easier to hit than a silenced bullet to the head. After enemies are disabled, they can easily be killed with a melee attack. However, the long recharge for the Tactical attachment equals the time it takes for an enemy to shake of paralysis, making it only viable for a single target at once. In spite of this, the Sleeper dart glitch allows multiple targets to be disabled (see below).


  • Paralyzing darts affect Nanosuit wearers. This can be used to the player's advantage by repeatedly shooting Korean Nanosuits in the ragdoll's head to ensure maximum usage of ammunition, or to push their ragdoll with a prop or explosion into the water to drown them, saving much needed ammunition.
  • Strangely, the Tactical attachment deals double damage against vehicles, like the TAC Gun. This means little in-game, since the darts do virtually nothing against vehicles.
  • The long recharge time for this attachment can be circumvented by using the Sleeper Dart Glitch. After firing a dart, switch firing modes until you are back at the tactical attachment. The attachment will be ready to fire, although the regular recharge time hasn't passed. This makes it possible to disable multiple enemies in succession
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