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The Takedown is an Advanced Battle Rifle which is exclusive to Crysis 3's multiplayer mode. It is unlocked at Rank 17.


The Takedown is a semi-automatic, high powered rifle with very good accuracy and high stopping power. It is an excellent weapon for engaging players at a distance as its range and accuracy is capable of rivaling even the DSG's. Because of these traits, many players may choose the Takedown instead as it can lay down a number of shots more quickly, all while retaining its accuracy and damage.

Compared to the other rifles (i.e, SCAR, FY71), the Takedown deals a much higher level of damage per shot and is more effective at range. However, the Takedown performs rather poorly at close range due to its semi-automatic nature. In a close-quarters engagement, the Takedown can be easily out-shot by most automatic weapons. However, a quick trigger finger with the Rapid Fire Module and well placed aiming can allow the Takedown the win in such a situation.


Accuracy: 7

Rate of fire: 7

Mobility: 5

Damage: 6

Range: 7

Stability: 5


All Attachments are unlocked at Weapon Levels. Below is a list of attachments available for this weapon and the level they are unlocked at. 


  • The Takedowns iron sight is rather crowded and can be difficult to use. Attaching a reflex or assault sight can fix this problem.
  • If equipped with an assault scope, the Takedown can be used as a sniper of sorts as its damage, range, and accuracy is capable a rivaling the DSG and even the Gauss Rifle except in terms of damage.
  • In game modes such as Ultimate Team Deathmatch and Cell vs Rebel, the Takedown can be a deadly weapon as it is capable of dispatching an enemy player with one well placed shot to the head or two or three to the chest.
  • It's possible that the Takedown is a member of the SCAR family of weapons. Some game files mentioned a sniper variant of the SCAR called the SCARE (Superior Combat Assault Rifle Extended). Its possible that the name "Takedown" is an alternate alias and that the weapon is indeed the SCARE.
  • Visually, the Takedown looks similar to the HK416 with a modified stock.
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