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Tanks (M5A2 Atlas (U.S) or T-108 (KPA)) are heavily armored vehicles capable of withstanding large amounts of damage, as well as dishing out damage of its own.


The tanks featured in Crysis are large, heavily-armored attack vehicles. U.S tanks have a green woodland camouflage pattern while KPA tanks have a tan wooden pattern and are easily recognizable by the large cannon protruding from the turret.


T-108 modded tank

T-108 with 20 mm machinegun mounted on the top, in the background is the M5A2 tank

The tank has an advanced armor that can withstand around 2 to 5 direct hits of an opposing tank's cannon, depending on which type and the location that it is hit, 1 to 2 well-placed Gauss Cannon shot/s, again, depending on which type of tank. A TAC Cannon shell can destroy several tanks in a single shot. The tank moves at a speed of around 30 mph, but can reach near 40 mph if Nitro is used.


Tanks have a single, large-caliber cannon fired from the turret as well as a coaxial machine gun attached below that can fire high-powered rounds up to one mile. Certain tanks have been upgraded with Gauss Cannons, giving them the potential to cause more damage. Some also have a smaller pintle-mounted Gauss Rifle attached. Another variation is upgraded with a TAC cannon which can cause miniature explosions, thanks to its nuclear shells. Other tanks are upgraded with Alien technology and posses a single, devastating Singularity cannon.


Gauss Tank

M5A2, Gauss variant.

Tanks can fight in both defensive and offensive battles, and can easily defeat enemy infantry and most other vehicles.

In singleplayer, tanks are relatively scarce and are used primarily in Onslaught as U.S forces push against KPA defenses. There is only a single instance of a Gauss tank, which is a U.S tank in Onslaught that serves as Major Strickland's personal command vehicle. Due to the tank's long range and high power, the developers apparently decided it was too much of an advantage for the player, so it only fires at pre-programmed spots rather than at enemy tanks, in order to balance the game.

In multiplayer mode's Power Struggle maps, TAC and Singularity tanks are also featured, both of which are much more highly devastating than regular versions.


C4 Placing C4 on a patrol route can prove an efficient way of destroying a tank. Cloaking and waiting for the tank to come near and laying the C4 on the tank will also work.
Mines Using mines is straightforward so long as the Tank's path is known.
Missiles It takes several missiles to destroy a tank, but it can be destroyed by 3 shots at the grating of the engine in the back half of the tank, between the cylinder and the main gun pod.
Tank cannons The most effective way to destroy tanks is with another tank's main gun. 2-5 hits will destroy one at any location, depending on the type of both tank and cannon.
MOAR Like most vehicles, though seemingly unrealistic, the MOAR will instantly freeze the Tank, which allows any damage to shatter it.
Gauss Rifle Shooting the tank's treads with a Gauss rifle may cause them to break, minimizing the tank's movement.
Under Barreled Grenade Launcher Using a Grenade Launcher will also damage the tanks treads and will slightly damage some of the tank's other components.
Grenades Tanks are mostly resistant to grenades, except for the engine and treads. Surprisingly, they are more vulnerable than APCs.
Gunfire Tanks are invulnerable to gunfire.
Punches Strength punches will do nothing.


  • The M5A2 is composed of several parts from some real world tanks. Its hull is based on the British Challenger 1, plus an extensive amount of explosive reactive armor on the hull front. Its frontal parts of the turret are based on the Merkava III, while its turret bustle resembles M1 Abrams', the same applies to its protruding engine. Its overall appearance however can make it even resemble the unrelated Black Eagle tank.
  • The T-108 however,combines elements of the Russian T-72, Chinese ZTZ96, and the American M60A1 Patton.